BEAST's Yang Yoseob Discusses His 6th Musical Role For Upcoming Stage Production Of 'Cinderella'

BEAST's Yoseob embodied his prince persona in the September issue of Ceci. The artist modeled flower crowns with winter apparel by H&M, Le Jardin and Series, to name a few brands.

During the interview, Yoseob discussed his extensive musical resume. His upcoming project, Cinderella, will be his sixth time portraying a character on stage. "It's my sixth, but I feel the same determination as if this were my first time," he said. "Responsibility is required because it's a big stage and you are not the only actor. "

He added, "Besides, I'm an idol singer, I think about how musical fans will perceive me. I think I become more cautious the more I do."

When asked about the most difficult part of the musical, Yoseob answered, "In this musical, there's a scene where I dance the waltz with Cinderella so I'm currently learning waltz. Right now I'm busy following the steps so the co-actress leads me, but on stage I would have to lead her like a prince so I'm worried."

Yoseob also praised his co-star, VIXX's Ken, for his help during rehearsals. "When I couldn't go to practices because of BEAST's promotions, he would record the numbers, take photos of the music sheets and send it to me," he explained. "I was very thankful as I didn't ask for it but he still did it."

Recently, all seven BEAST members discussed their music careers and growth in the August issue of Vogue Girl.


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