K-Pop Throwback: The Quiett, Jerry.K, B-Free And Mad Clown Are At Their Best On 'People's Radio' From 2010 [VIDEO]

As the great poet Nas once said, "it ain't hard to tell."

Finding a hip-hop beat that lights your fuse often feels like the easiest yes or no question in the world, it only takes a few minutes to see if this is something worth your time. Once a rap song has that going for it, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that a wack MC or a producer who's never met a problem that Auto-Tune can fix doesn't ruin the whole thing.

"People's Radio," the 2010 collaboration between South Korean rappers The Quiett, Jerry.K, B-Free and Mad Clown, finds each of the rappers young, hungry and at their best, producing a sound that is every bit as great as the beat they are rhyming over.

There are shades of other Latin-infused hip-hop and R&B grooves on "People's Radio," like Jay-Z's 1999 smash "Big Pimpin" or R. Kelly's "Fiesta" from the following year. But what makes The Quiett, Jerry.K, B-Free and Mad Clown's collaboration unique is the way that they manage to plant the Afro-Cuban sample firmly in the rhythmic context of hip-hop.

The result is the perfect springboard for these four distinct artists.

For millions of rap fans around the word, hip-hop is all too often considered to be language-specific. Western fans of the genre have little interest for MCs that don't rap in English. But this is a big mistake. Though the content of the lyrics of all four of these rappers is often well worth finding the translation, the passion the emotion and the raw skills each of these four men embody transcends language barriers.

Listen to "People's Radio" featuring The Quiett, Jerry.K, B-Free and Mad Clown RIGHT HERE

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