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International Media Takes Note Of Stage Accident During G-Friend Performance

By Staff Writer | September 08, 2015 08:24 AM EDT


The members of G-Friend are garnering attention from all over the world.

A fan-shot video of the rookie K-pop girl group G-Friend performing went viral and gained international media attention following multiple stage incidents. The viral video, shot by a fan during the group's performance of their song, "Me Gusta Tu," at the SBS Live Radio Show on Sept. 5, shows members of the group falling multiple times due to slippery stage conditions.

As the members of G-Friend slipped on stage over eight times, the women helped one another up and continued to perform "Me Gusta Tu."

Time, Mashable, Billboard, The Daily Mail, and multiple other international outlets covered the incident, praising the members of G-Friend for their composure.

"Despite the blunders the girls regained their composure and carried on with their high-energy performance like true professionals," wrote Time writer Helen Regan, "demonstrating to us all that no matter how many times life knocks you down, just get back up and carry on."

The fancam was viewed over 2 million times since it was uploaded on Sept. 5. 

Due to the rise in interest in G-Friend, the group's July release, "Me Gusta Tu," began to climb music charts, including Korea's Melon and Gaon charts.

The video appears to show that Yuju fell five times, while ShinB fell twice and Yerin fell once.

Following the performance, G-Friend's members shared pictures on their official Facebook account in order to let fans know that they were unhurt.

G-Friend previously suffered from a stage mishap in August during a performance of "Me Gusta Tu," during a part of the dance where the members jump over one another; the choreography has since been changed.

The six-member K-pop girl group debuted in January with the song, "Glass Bead."



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