Review: JYP's 1st-Ever Boy Band DAY6 Debut With The Creative Rock Ballad 'Congratulations' [VIDEO]

JYP Entertainment's newest act appears to be anything but the rookies they are.

DAY6, JYP Entertainment's latest group, debuted on Tuesday with the song, "Congratulations," straight off of their first EP, "The Day." As JYP's first ever male idol group and the label's first act to debut with a live band concept, DAY6 are a welcome addition to the company's roster.

With "Congratulations," a building rock ballad that the members reportedly had a hand in composing, DAY6 has created one of the best debuts of 2015.

The song begins with a classic rock-inspired tapping beat and gentle acoustic ballad style before soft, clear vocals introduce the ironicic lyrical content. DAY6 could very well be off to a ballad band concept, but the song takes a sudden turn immediately prior to the chorus, building into an emotionally earnest climax. Nearly inaudible synths play a large role in building the chord progression, adding color to the tune before reaching the highlight of the chorus.

As good as the band's sound is, it's the vocals that really show the true color of DAY6 in "Congratulations." Each of the six members has a chance to shine, even as the main vocalists do their job superbly to tell the evocative story.

The chorus is spread throughout the lineup, offering a variety of color that is often missing from K-pop singles, which typically focus on one or two main vocalists before introducing a collectively sung hook. The DAY6's members are each given a chance to shine, both in the leads and the elaborately stacked background vocals.

The stark juxtaposition "Congratulations" offers between the upbeat music and the heartbroken lyrics drives the song in a variety of different directions. The second verse, in particular, is full of bitterness while playing with a lightly percussive rhythmic feel.

As a boy band leading with a rock ballad, DAY6's debut proves that JYP Entertainment can put together a group that truly exceeds expectations.

Watch the music video for DAY6's debut song "Congratulations " RIGHT HERE



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