CNBLUE '2Gether' Album Track List Unveiled, 'Cinderella' Chosen As Title Track

The new CNBLUE album 2gether will have 11 songs, including the title track "Cinderella," according to a full track list uploaded by leader Jung Yong Hwa.

On September 8, Yong Hwa shared on Instagram a snapshot of the full track list for 2gether album, which is slated next week on September 14.

As shown on the image, the first song on the track list is the title track "Cinderella." The track list also reveals the writing and production credits for each song.

Fans could not contain their excitement for the new album and the fresh CNBLUE comeback, their first in more than one year since their Can't Stop EP release back in February 2014.

"I am looking forward to all the songs of this album. Oppa, fighting!" "Can't wait!" said fans.

Some fans also took their hats off to Yong Hwa, who has been revealed to have contributed heavily in the 2gether album based on the track list credits.

"Genius Yonghwa! 8 out of 11 songs (music, lyrics, arranged)," said one impressed fan.

CNBLUE and their agency have been steadily releasing album teasers in the past weeks, including a shirtless and tattooed Yong Hwa and a suited-up foursome in the forest. The new album will have a disco-rock concept, which has been reflected in the teasers.


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