J.Tune Camp Executive Reportedly Arrested For Assaulting MBLAQ's Seungho

A J.Tune Camp executive was allegedly arrested on Friday after assaulting MBLAQ's Seungho.

According to reports in local news outlets, Seoul's Gingham Police Department arrested an executive from J.Tune Camp, the entertainment agency home to MBLAQ and Madtown. The executive reportedly physically assaulted Seungho after the two had drinks together.

Seungho called the police a little after 3AM on Sept. 11, reports YTN.

During the call, Seungho told police that he was hit in the head with a glass, and that his ear had been hurt. During later investigation, Seungho testified that he had been slapped across the face, after being cocky towards the executive while they were drinking.

Conflicting reports circulated the Korean media regarding the status of the alleged J.Tune Camp employee. Some reports said that the arrested man was a current director at J.Tune Camp, while other outlets reports that it was a former employee of the agency.

J.Tune Camp released a statement stating that the company is looking into the matter and will speak with Seungho directly. The agency reportedly heard about the situation from news reports and is unable to get in touch with either Seungho or the arrested, reports eNews.

Seungho (Yang Seung Ho) debuted as the leader of MBLAQ in 2009. Seungho remained with J.Tune Camp and MBLAQ following the departure of two former MBLAQ members in 2014. He promoted MBLAQ's latest album, "Mirror," with the newly reformulated trio.

[Update] J.Tune Camp later denied that the assaulter was an employee, but clarified that the incident took place between Seungho and an ex-employee. The two settled their differences. 



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