Review: All Vasco Needs Is 1 Loop On The Blistering 'Whoa Ha!' From His Upcoming Mixtape 'Mad Max' [VIDEO]

There's no bridge on "Whoa Ha!" the new single released Friday by Vasco, from the South Korean rap artist's forthcoming mixtape "Mad Max."

There's also no clear hook or any real differentiation from the one guitar-driven loop throughout the entirety of "Whoa Ha!" But when the groove feels this right and the rapper on the microphone knows how to ride the crest of the sound waves previously laid down, there's no need to change it up.

With the power of hip-hop's primitive stages at his back, Vasco rocks the feel of the original Bronx block parties where the art form was birthed and produces a blistering track in the process, a feat that should make any true hip-hop head take notice.

As far as rhyme style is concerned, the South Korean MC is clearly influenced by the wild men of Western hip-hop, rappers like Mystikal, Busta Rhymes, Ol' Dirty Bastard and (more recently) Lil' Jon. Through channeling these acts and possibly intentionally, though it can be so hard to pinpoint where any artist's musical inspiration comes from without hearing it from them directly, Vasco does seem to share a sonic kinship with Kendrick Lamar, in his influences, his vicious verbal attack and his lack of a need for any guest stars on his songs.

But let's not lose focus on that the most impressive achievement that Vasco can claim on "Whoa Ha!" is not the fact he turned one loop into a fully formed song with next to no rhythmic variation or musical development.

It's that he was throwing down his multi-layered rhymes so fast and furious that you didn't even notice.

Watch the music video for "Whoa Ha!" the new single from South Korean hip-hop artist Vasco's yet-to-be-released mixtape "Mad Max" RIGHT HERE

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