Cube Entertainment Refutes Rumors Of Jang Hyunseung Leaving BEAST

 BEAST's Jang Hyunseung has been caught up in a number of rumors these past few days.

Fans were quick to notice Hyunseung's absence from BEAST's Japanese fan meet on September 12. Around the same time, an image of Hyunseung allegedly with a girl in a café started circulating. The user behind the shared image claimed that it came from the same day as the fan meeting, accusing Hyunseung of ignoring his responsibilities to meet up with a girlfriend.

Fans were quick to call the image's bluff. Some questioned if it was even Hyunseung in the image or a look alike while others insisted that Cube Entertainment, BEAST's company, would not allow him to meet a girlfriend during group activities. "Hyunseung is not foolish enough to meet a woman in the middle of a Gangnam cafe with his face open like that. BEAST and Cube are also not foolish enough to let him miss a schedule just to meet a woman," one Korean user commented, translated by Netizenbuzz.

"The Hyunseung I know would never do this," another insisted.

New rumors continued about the girl being Hyunseung's sister, explaining that the two met in order to discuss plans for the anniversary of their father's death on September 20. However, other Korean netizens seemed unimpressed with the excuse and questioned if he had to meet with his sister at that exact time.

On September 15, Cube Entertainment released their own statement on the mishap. "Jang Hyunseung was unable to attend the fan meeting because of a personal circumstance," the company explained to news outlet OSEN. "We apologized to the fans for failing to give advance notice and even filmed and released a video, but misunderstandings arose."

In regards to the picture Cube Entertainment stated, "It is said that the picture was taken at the same time as the fan meeting but it is not true." The agency also further refuted all rumors that Hyunseung is leaving BEAST.

BEAST recently made their Korean comeback with Ordinary this past July. Since then the group has been completed maybe successful promotional activities in Korea and abroad.

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