K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Samuel Seo Dials In A Deep And Enticing Electro Soul Sound On 'New Dress Girl' [AUDIO]

K-Pop Beyond The Charts is a weekly review column highlighting Korea's modern day musical innovators who have yet to find mainstream success.

There is so much music out there, more than any of us could possibly imagine.

With the advent of digital recording, downloading and streaming, there are more songs at our fingertips than at any other time in human history and the number only gets greater by the day.

In this absurdly cluttered landscape of the talent and talentless often with a contradictory amount of PR behind them, for a song to stand out from the noise it has to deliver on several fronts. It has to move us in some way or make us want to move, it has to soothe us or at least make us feel slightly better each time we hit that play button and it has to be something new that we haven't heard before.

On his latest single "New Dress Girl," released Monday, R&B singer Samuel Seo of the South Korean underground hip-hop crew New Block Babyz has a sound that arguably delivers on all three fronts.

Seo's voice recalls everyone from R. Kelly and Outkast's André 3000 to Pharrell Williams or even Justin Timberlake on his funkier material. While musically there are shades of many of the biggest dance floor innovators of the last 30 years. From Prince to Pet Shop Boys from Beck to Robin Thicke this is an artist who has clearly done his homework.

But as any great artist must, Seo also brings quite a lot that's new to the table here. His synthesizer sounds, though still vintage are perfectly mixed and a masterfully layered bit of audio production. The result is the perfect springboard for a unique and powerful vocalist who clearly deserves to be heard.

"New Dress Girl" might just get you.

Listen to "New Dress Girl" the new single from South Korean R&B vocalist Samuel Seo of the underground hip-hop crew New Block Babyz RIGHT HERE

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