5 Awesome English Cover Songs By Korean Male Singers [BLOG]

It's one thing when an artist does a cover of a song, but it's another thing when that artist is able to move you and convey an even stronger message than the original singer. And it's even more astonishing when the language of the song isn't even the singer's first language.

If you're a YouTube junkie, then you might've seen these covers floating around before, and if not, you're in for a treat! Here are my top five English covers by Korean male singers.

1. Kevin (ZE:A) Home

Kevin, also known as Kim Jiyeop, is probably the only exception to this list. Although he was born in South Korea, Kevin spent a majority of his childhood and teenage years in Australia, so he's quite fluent in English. Whenever ZE:A goes on a show, the host will usually ask Kevin to sing a snippet of whatever his current favorite song is, and because of that, he's been able to showcase his mesmerizing voice with covers from artists ranging from the Backstreet Boys's As Long As You Love Me, Sting's Rise and Fall, Ne-Yo's One In a Million and, my personal favorite, Michael Buble's Home.

Kevin captivates listeners with his honeyed tunes and he doesn't just sing with his voice; he does these simple yet alluring gestures with his body to make you vibe along. I think what makes his cover of Home all the more personal is the fact that, even though he was born in Korea, a majority of his family and friends are still in Australia and it's not like he can easily pack up and fly to see them whenever he wants to; therefore by using those emotions, you can really feel the sincerity and loneliness that he portrays with his golden voice.

2. G.O (MBLAQ) Hurricane

G.O, also known as Jung Byunghee, of MBLAQ, has been singing long before joining the idol group, so it's no surprise to see videos of him singing some of his own originals and his infamous covers online. He revisited his past and showcased his heavenly and silky voice with his cover of Eric Benet's Hurricane. There's something magical and calming about G.O voice, and Hurricane is an example of how fully immersed he gets when he sings, especially when it's a more intense ballad.

G.O is a veteran on the Korean singing show Immortal Songs, where he sings his own renditions of Korean past time favorites, and he does a splendid job at that. But for some reason, I find that his English covers are more affectionate and those covers tend to bring more warmth to the listeners and viewers. With such a pure and heavenly voice, you can always rest assured that G.O will always deliver.

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