Fans Of EXO's Lay Perform Acts Of Kindness In Lieu Of Sending Birthday Gifts Per Singer's Request

Lay fans plan to perform acts of kindness following instructions from his agency SM Entertainment that they will not be accepting gifts for the idol, reports Koreaboo.

"We asked through SM multiple times, but due to his personal request that he will not take birthday gifts, they said they will not accept gifts," wrote a fan on the Korean message board Instiz.

Lay has previously expressed his wish that fans perform acts of kindness instead of sending him gifts, so some fans are doing just that for his approaching 24th birthday on October 7.

"I was preparing a birthday gift so this is really flustering. But since Lay always said he prefers that his fans do something for other people through kind acts, I am thinking of what we can do," continued the Instiz fan. "There are things already in progress like building a well in third world countries or building public toilets or clothing donations. But we are preparing more things so please wait for more news."

Online commenters noted that Lay did the same thing last year, and many praised the idol for his kind-heartedness, saying "What an angel" and "He's really good-hearted."

Lay's gentle soul is one of the characteristics that is making him very popular among fans, especially in China where his new autobiographical book "Standing Firm at 24" has been breaking sales records. In the book, Lay reveals his vulnerable and determined side, which is bound to earn him a lot more fans.


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