Barbie Without Makeup: Graphic Artist's Portrayal Of The Iconic Doll Proves “No One Is Perfect”

By Staff Writer | April 03, 2013 11:23 AM EDT


Mexican graphic designer Eddi Aguirre has photographed the ageless Barbie doll with no makeup. The photo was posted on Aguirre's online portfolio and has since gone viral.

The caption under the picture of Barbie without make up translates to, "Image used for a special makeup for the new magazine. Barbie shows before and after makeup (no one is perfect)."

The Barbie doll has been around for decades. First created by Ruth Handler in 1959, Barbie has had over 125 different careers and is always displayed as beautiful, do-it-all woman.

The recent picture of Barbie without makeup gives the viewer a more realistic look at the doll. Instead of her perfect hair, makeup and smile, Barbie is shown looking tired and worn. Almost like she has been working a double shift in one of her many careers.

Without her makeup, Barbie has swollen cheeks, bags under her eyes, dull teeth with braces, freckles, colorless lips and her black roots are starting to show. Her hair is frizzy and lifeless. Barbie's eyes are small, almost like she is battling an end of the day headache. Barbie is wearing a smile as if to say, "hurry up and take the picture so I can go to bed."

With make up, Barbie is bright and vibrant. Her lips are full and pink; her hair is straight and shiny. Barbie's eyes are big and blue with pink eye shadow and long lushes lashes. Her skin is smooth with out a single freckle or blemish. Barbie's smile is big and strong, with pearly white teeth.  

The image of Barbie without her makeup is considered by some to be a more realistic role model for young girls. In the past, Barbie has been portrayed as a perfect young woman who can take on the world and go out at night without messing up her hair. She idolizes the misconception that woman can easily get what they want from the world if they are pretty.

The Barbie without make up is refreshing in the sense that she shows young girls what hard work looks like.  With the many careers Barbie has had, she has never once been portrayed as the tired, over-worked, just want to hang around in my sweats character a lot of working women are.

Women work hard in every aspect of their lives, whether it is at work or play. Ever hear the expression beauty is pain? Barbie has probably never had to use that expression in her little plastic life.

The viral photo of Barbie without her makeup has twitter users buzzing about the icon's new look.

Kate Woodsome posted, "I like the beauty the new natural Barbie."

"This really makes me want to pile on the make up," Tweets Lori Kufner.

Nelli Lowalik commented, "Little girls don't have bags under their eyes when they are 10. What are they trying to portray?

Kate Simon says, "Barbie without makeup I would buy this for my daughter."

The Barbie without make up is not a doll produced by Mattel, the company that makes Barbie dolls. No makeup Barbie is not for sale. She is an artist's portrayal on society and what we misconstrue as perfection.

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