A Pink Discuss Their Musical Journey And Experience As Idols During MTV World Stage In Malaysia [EXCLUSIVE]

As one of the most idolized K-pop girl groups out there, A Pink are known for their sweet and innocent image and refreshing street style, captivating fans from around the world.

The award-winning group was formed by CUBE Entertainment in 2011 and consists of members Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jeong Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo, Oh Hayoung. To date, A Pink have released three full length albums, two in South Korea and one in Japan, as well as five EPs.

This summer, the group topped music charts with "Remember," the title track off their album Pink Memory. Within a day, the song topped all the major Korean real time charts, including Melon, the biggest music streaming site in Korea, making the song one of the biggest K-pop hits of the summer.

The six members of the top K-pop girl group sat down with KpopStarz during their recent appearance at MTV World Stage 2015 in Malaysia where they performed as one of the headlining acts. 

Check out the exclusive interview below:


KpopStarz:  "Remember" was released in July and the song carries a hint of nostalgia in the lyrics and melody. It has been four years since A Pink debuted. Did you express the feeling of the song by reminiscing about the early days when A Pink first debuted?

Chorong: The song "Remember" actually has a lot of emotions and we put a lot of meaning into the song and expressing our emotions when performing it, and that includes the nostalgic feeling. However, instead of nostalgia, "Remember" accurately presents a reminiscent feeling of summer love.

KpopStarz: You debuted with "I Don't Know" and showcased a very innocent and girlish image. But with last year's comeback "Luv" and more recently "Remember," A Pink has deviated from the usual cute bubblegum-style pop music to a more sensitive, mature concept. How do you think your music has evolved and how does this maturity help you deliver a stronger and more impactful performance on stage?

Chorong: It has always been a part of the plan to grow with A Pink, but gradually being matured with our own color. Our image did not change drastically in comparison to our debut time, but we have evolved little by little and this is what we want to express to the audience and our fans especially. We did not know how fans would react to our current image evolution, but we are confident in what we want to showcase to our fans.

KpopStarz: What are some of your memorable moments as member of A Pink?

Eunji: It is always very hard to pick a 'most memorable' moment. Ever since our debut, every moment has always been precious and significant in our vivid memories. For example, this MTV World Stage performance will also create a new memory and will be very precious for us. In the future too, it will be no different because every moment will be very precious.

Bomi: However, if we still have to choose, it would be the moment we arrived at the airport when we have promotions abroad. We realize we are so loved by our fans even though we sometimes do not visit certain countries very often. Through the warm welcome we receive from the moment we touch down in each country, those are the memories that will be remembered and appreciated the most.

KpopStarz: Your latest album, "Pink Memory," was released in July. Some of the members took part in the composition of two songs for the album. What were your inspirations when writing the tracks and how does it feel when your own songs are included on your album? Do the other members also have plans to compose or write lyrics for A Pink's future albums?

Chorong: It is very meaningful when there are members of the group participating in the album production. Besides the members who have already contributed to this album, the other members are also interested in landing their creativity for our albums in the future. But it's a baby step move as we slowly learn to expand our skills and we will try our best to show their work in the future.

KpopStarz: In a few words, how would you describe A Pink?

A Pink: Friendly, honesty, polite, polishing up their charisma, healing.

KpopStarz: (Question for Eunji) You rose to notoriety for acting through your comedic and emotional performance in Reply 1997. From then, your window of opportunity has opened even wider for acting and musical roles. If one day you are given the opportunity to go to Hollywood, what is your dream role and which Hollywood actors do you dream of working with?

Eunji: SHOCKING! Hollywood? Really? I would be very thankful if one day I got the opportunity to go to Hollywood! It doesn't really matter which actors I would be working with and I am not picky about the genre of the movies either. The fact that I am in Hollywood would already be a grateful feeling and I would appreciate the opportunity given to me, if any. I hope that the other A Pink members could also act in the movie with me!

KpopStarz: If you were not a member of A Pink, what do you think you would be doing now?

Eunji: I would maybe be a vocal trainer and teaching students about music.

Bomi: I would be a national Tae Kwon Do athlete.

Naeun: I would be a painter.

Chorong: I would work harder until I passed the audition to become a singer.

Namjoo: I can't really imagine my life not being a member of A Pink member. (The other members cheer.)

Hayoung: (Jokingly) I would rather die than not be an A Pink member! I would do law if I was not a part of A Pink.

Eunji: Hayoung is very good at memorizing and she's like a walking dictionary. So she woud be a very good lawyer! (Everybody agrees.)

KpopStarz: As today's idols more frequently branch out into acting, some of A Pink members have also appeared in drama series. As newcomers in the acting world, how do you react to critics or constructive comments in regards to your acting?

Eunji: People have the freedom to express their opinion and it's their right to exercise that freedom of speech and expression. Whether they are negative or positive, I will acknowledge and appreciate those comments. It means that people out there take an interest in our work by giving us those comments.

KpopStarz: What music are you listening to these days?

Namjoo: Indie bands and I also listen to Na Yun Kwon's songs.

Chorong: I love Indie bands too! Also hip-hop and R&B. I've been listening to Standing Egg and Ra.D.

Naeun: Original soundtrack (OST) songs.

Bomi: I am a hip-hop fan! I'm listening to Jason Derulo's "Wiggle" and also the new track from WINNER's Song Mino, "Fear."

Eunji: My current jam is Jessie J and I am also a fan of a veteran singer, Lee Munsae.

Hayoung: Acoustic collaborations.


KpopStarZ would like to thank MTV Asia (Viacom International Network) and Edelman for the interview opportunity.

Photo credit: Ain Osman.

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