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BEAST Reunite With Fans In Singapore For An 'Ordinary' Night Of Music And Games

By iReporter Team | October 01, 2015 11:56 AM EDT


September 24 will be a night to remember for K-pop idol group BEAST and their dedicated fans in Singapore

Performing for the first time in three years, the six-member boy band held a thrilling concert at the Suntec Convention Centre Hall.

Excited fans were seen lining up hours prior to the concert despite it being a fully seated event. Their dedication and love for BEAST showed consistently throughout the fan meet.

Fancy special effects and pyrotechnics were not needed to hype the fans as their energy levels shot up exponentially once the lights dimmed. Unlike other music events, it was a rare sight indeed to see fans rushing to the front barricades and standing on their seats from the beginning of the show. Security stepped in to handle the situation and the show continued without issue. The venue staff proved to be less stringent with security, allowing for an enjoyable and intimate reunion between the fans and their idols.

BEAST turned the venue into a dance club by opening the show with their latest title track "YeY" from their 8th EP "Ordinary." The upbeat electronic tempo continued with 'Good Luck' and fans were seen chanting along to addictive lyrics.

Showing versatility, BEAST contrasted with a performance of their melancholic ballad "12:30." As though time had stopped, it gave the audience a moment to bask in the incredible stage presence of the group. Aside from the pitch perfect performances, BEAST also showed an impressive ability to execute complex choreography whilst singing.

2 Factors that made it a Beautiful (Fan Meet) Reunion:

1. BEAST are definitely a spontaneous bunch

And this made the fan meet even more enjoyable! For instance, their efforts to speak in English to better communicate with international fans is certainly something commendable.

The member who caught our attention most was Junhyung, who made a mini-speech in almost-perfect English! Despite uncontrollable laughter from his fellow members, Junhyung persevered through the speech with clarity and received resounding applause from fans.

"Thank you Singapore. Me and my fans are very happy tonight. You guys are very awesome and beautiful and lovely and cute," he said to the crowd. "Yeah! Next time we come to Singapore, we have concert. Okay? Thank you."

During the game segment which tested BEAST's knowledge of Singapore, Leader Doojoon ended up as the loser. Unfortunately, the punishment was a wrist-flick by the other members. Not fearing their leader, Yoseob and Kikwang gave a loud smack turning Doojoon's wrist lobster-red. The final member to give the punishment was Hyunseung who pretended to gather his power but ended up with a light tap. Doojoon went on to praise him with gratitude, calling him a "good guy."

The second game was the highlight of the night as the BEAST members were paired up with lucky fans and competed against one another. BEAST had to listen to a local song through headphones and hum it out, while their partnered fan had to guess the title of the song.

Roaring laughter ensued when it came to Doojoon's turn. Starting with confidence, he threw a few English phrases to warm up, "Volume up please. Easy easy." When his partner struggled to guess the song, Doojoon whined adorably at the unfair situation, "She('s) from Hong Kong. Hong Kong! Are you kidding me? 아이씨, 진짜! (Aish, seriously!)" Kikwang was also caught in the same situation as he was partnered with a Malaysian fan.

2. Fan Support + Fan Service

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. The relationship between B2UTY and BEAST is certainly a precious and reciprocated one. It is common for fan projects and support to be carried out at such events. It is even more rewarding when one's hard work and efforts are acknowledged as in this case when Dongwoon thanked fans for providing something simple yet essential - bottled drinks.

Doojoon also held up and waved a fan banner (printed by local fan clubs and given for free to attendees) during the encore. Of course, all these were reciprocated in terms of the massive fan service given by BEAST themselves. From heart gestures to providing hugs (only for lucky fans who got on stage), the members sure know how to pamper their fans. Dongwoon, known for being a sweet-talker, scored brownie points during the quiz when he said, "I don't know the answer (Singapore celebrities) because I only know our Singapore fans."

Upon reaching the mid-point of the fan meet, fans united through a fan project by turning the venue into a sea of bright white lights during the ballad song, 'On Rainy Days'. Turning the mood around, BEAST went on to sing an array of their past hit tracks including "I Think I Love You." "Special," "Shock," "Shadow" and "Beautiful Night."

All good things have to come to an end. So did the fan meet. BEAST returned on stage with a dual performance of "How To Love" and "Encore."

Fans (including Doojoon!) held up a simple banner with the words '우리 더 고마워' translating to 'We are even more grateful.' A beautiful closure to a beautiful reunion.

To sum up, 'Ordinary' is an understated title to describe the show. BEAST's 'Ordinary' Fan Meet in Singapore 2015 truly went beyond expectations, far exceeding the ordinary. We certainly look forward to them keeping their promise of returning with a full-fledged concert soon!

Last but not least, a word of thanks to the emcees Chris and DeeKosh as well as organizers Three Angles Group and IME Productions for a well-planned show.

Get to experience the action with this recap reel of the event:

Set List:
Good Luck
On Rainy Days
I think I love you
Beautiful Night
How To Love

Special thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group for inviting to cover BEAST 'Ordinary' Fan Meet In Singapore 2015.

Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Photo Credits: Ong Melin and Syafiqah Shah | Video Credits: Ong Melin

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