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K-Pop Throwback: Take The Strange Musical Journey Of Neon Bunny's 2014 Spazzkid Collaboration 'Daytime Disco' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | October 01, 2015 02:21 PM EDT


Electronic dance (or "EDM" as its typically referred to) tends to illicit strong reactions in people.

And though its not hard to understand why, after hearing the endless variations of unimaginative house music permeating cheesy dance clubs and gyms around the world, one may be sent screaming at the sight of any DJ cuing up his next Serato selection, writing off the entire genre because of the lameness of its biggest stars would be like dismissing rock and roll 'n' roll after only hearing the Foo Fighters.

Like any art form, EDM has its innovators, its wannabes and everything in between.

Falling firmly in the first camp, are South Korean electro vocalist Neon Bunny and Los Angeles-based Filipino composer-producer Spazzkid (aka Mark Redito). Each of these artists has extensive catalogs that, if nothing else, confirm their willingness to have fun pushing the envelope.

When the two team up as they did on the 2014 track "Daytime Disco," they form a formidable creative force.

Released back in November, "Daytime Disco" was barely discussed in Korean entertainment news (KpopStarz included, unfortunately). But for any longtime Neon Bunny fan, this probably does not come as a shock. The South Korean vocalist has made a career of producing highly innovative pop music under the mainstream radar.

Yet, with Spazzkid she has found a musician who can match her unique vocal style with harmonic inventiveness and production tricks that show a clear mastery of the boards.

Spazzkid's alternation between a hi-hat double-time figure recalling '90s Drum and Bass and a halftime almost bossa nova feel propels the song forward, accentuating the vocals in beautiful ways in the process. While his rhythmic swells show a DJ well versed in the art of the fader.

Let's hope these two innovative electronic artists understand the potential of this meeting of musical minds and bless us with a new collaborative effort in 2015.

Listen to "Daytime Disco" South Korean vocalist Neon Bunny's 2014 Collaboration with Filipino artist-producer Spazzkid RIGHT HERE

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