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Topp Dogg Members Kidoh And Gohn Leave Group Ahead Of Comeback

By Samantha Marie Lifson | October 09, 2015 09:43 AM EDT


Topp Dogg members Kidoh and Gohn will officially go their separate ways from their group.

On October 8, ToppDogg's agency Hunus Entertainment (formerly Stardom Entertainment) made an official announcement in relation to Kidoh and Gohn through their official Facebook page.

"Since the merge of Stardom Entertainment and Hunus Entertainment this summer, our team has been working hard on improving the organization in order to gain new possibilities for our artists," the statement began. "Our hope is that fans will be able to see the progress, already starting with the current comeback promotions and activities."

"Prior to that, we have to deliver some sad news to the fans of Topp Dogg," the company's statement continued. "The members Kidoh and Gohn have now decided to go their own separate way, and will no longer be a part of Topp Dogg, and in order to respect their wishes our company has canceled their future activities with the group."

Hunus Entertainment further revealed that member Gohn will be stopping his musical career in order to fulfill his mandatory military service. After his service ends, Gohn wants to pursue his own musical career. Because of his military preparations, he was unable to participate in Topp Dogg's upcoming album.

Meanwhile, member Kidoh was involved in ToppDogg's preparations but as a producer on the album. Hunus announced that Kidoh has been given the opportunity to travel abroad and that he will be following his wishes to go in a new direction of music.

This reveal comes after reports earlier this summer of Kidoh and Gohn filing lawsuits against their company sprung up through multiple news outlets. Additionally, confusion sparked around Stardom Entertainment's girl group EvoL who reportedly disbanded with the merger with Hunus entertainment.

Meanwhile, ToppDogg have released both teaser videos and a track list for their upcoming EP The Beat. The album will be released officially on October 19 with a prerelease available on October 13.

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