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Review: Lovelyz Tickle Your Senses With Their Highly Infectious Single 'Ah-Choo' [VIDEO]

By John Chiaverina | October 29, 2015 06:25 PM EDT


Lovelyz have returned with the single "Ah-Choo," released on Oct. 1 as part of the EP "Lovelyz8," released on the record label Woollim Entertainment. Though it may have an odd title for a pop song, "Ah-Choo" is a propulsive electro anthem anchored by a chorus so unexpected that you may find yourself having an involuntary dance response.

Debuting in November with the album "Girls' Invasion," Lovelyz members Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein have been prolific in their releases so far, particularly with music videos. The group has made five so far and released several singles in addition to their two albums.

All the hard work has clearly paid off as "Ah-Choo" reveals a mature well-constructed sound that is difficult not to like.

After opening with a gentle piano motif, a hard-charing synth-and-drum-machine combination guides a good portion of the track. "Ah-Choo" sounds a bit like a video game soundtrack in the '90s trying to sound like music that was made in the '80s.

The song also brings to mind the work of the French electro producers Alan Braxe and Fred Falke, who married 1980s-era electronic dance music aesthetics with a very modern production sensibility. The end result of Braxe and Falke's work, much like the production on "Ah-Choo," was music that transcended its surface retro signifiers and became contemporary on its own terms.

The song's soaring chorus could not get more exuberant.

Talk about ah-choo! It's like pepper on your nose and paprika in your ears. Melodic and fun-loving, The hook of "Ah-Choo" nicely compliments and plays off of the driving rhythm track, which features some funky, popping bass that wouldn't be out of place on an '80s boogie track.

A devastatingly emotional breakdown three quarters into the track dovetails into some melodic, borderline dubstep rhythmic territory before building up into a final soaring super chorus.

Following that final chorus, "Ah-Choo" ends the way it began, with a satisfyingly melodic piano run that is the musical period at the end of the sentence.

Lovelyz have been on quite a run over the past year, and by the looks of things they don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. "Ah-Choo" is way more than a novelty song for cold and flu season, but rather, another strong offering from this promising young group.

Watch the music video for "Ah-Choo" by Lovelyz RIGHT HERE

John Chiaverina is a musician and journalist living in New York City. He has performed in over 18 countries, including two tours of South Korea, under the name "Juiceboxxx."

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