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The Offspring To Release A New Album In 2016 Despite Their Slow Pace

By Enzo Soliman | October 12, 2015 12:43 PM EDT


After releasing one song earlier this year after a long break, The Offspring revealed that they are planning on a new album release in 2016 despite the slow pace of the band.

In a recent report by Loud Wire, guitarist Noodle revealed that they are working on a new album for The Offspring but fans would have to wait until next year to hear what they have in store.

He also revealed how slowly they are progressing with the record and made them think that they would have to release a song immediately to keep the ball rolling for the group.

"We want to do a record, that's the plan," Noodle said, claiming how their 2015 single "Coming For You" was a preview of what fans should expect. "But it's taking forever. We released this song because we felt good about it immediately. It was one of the first one or two songs we finished, so we were like, 'If we wait on this, it might be another year, year-and-a-half. Why don't we just put it out and see what happens?'"

Meanwhile in the same report, frontman Dexter Holland claimed how they are rushing things for the band to still be in the scene after they released the song. He further revealed how the group tends to be spontaneous and that they might do the same for the new album from The Offspring.

"Every other time we've done a record, we hunker down and go into the studio for a year or however long it takes," said Holland. "We just decided not to do it that way this time. We thought let's just do a couple of songs, work on them when we feel inspired and when we have it done, we thought, 'Why wait? Let's just go ahead and put it out.'"

"It always ends up being spontaneous. As much as anyone wants to have or says they have a game plan, I don't think doing anything creatively really works that way. You can kinda have a general direction, or thinking where you want to go when you start but it always takes on a life of its own."


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