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Big Bang 'Grandpa' Chris Nolan Shares His Fan Encounters On Instagram With Taeyang And T.O.P [EXCLUSIVE]

By Adrienne Stanley | November 13, 2015 12:10 PM EST


Big Bang fan Chris Nolan had an extraordinary experience with Big Bang when members Taeyang and T.O.P commented on his Instagram account. The members of Big Bang commented on his photo, he posted a picture where he was wearing his crown headband, with the New York City sky line as a backdrop. KpopStarz spoke with him about his interaction and discovered how he received more than 12,000 positive responses to his post. 

KpopStarz: What were your initial thoughts about your interaction with the members of Big Bang through Instagram?  

Chris Nolan:  It was pretty astounding. My friend and I traveled down to New Jersey to attend the concert. I took a photo of myself wearing the crown headband, along with a message that we were on the way to the Big Bang show and tagged the group members. Within 30 seconds, Taeyang made a comment on the photo, which was basically to the effect of how he would see me later.

Then, the post started to build momentum. On that particular photo, I received so many comments. My phone started to blow up because people were surprised that he actually commented on my Instagram. I received around 12,350 likes on that particular picture.

I took the subway to Newark and before I reached Prudential Center, T.O.P also liked the photo. Then, more fans began to respond to the post. Later on, during the concert, I did a live stream on Periscope to talk to different fans about their favorite members and went to see the concert. I followed with another Instagram post with the arena, behind me. There was also a strong response to that message, which received more than 10,000 likes. I was surprised because after tagging the members, they began to respond to my posts.

KpopStarz: When did you first begin listening to Big Bang?

Chris Nolan:  I have been listening to their music for about four years. The “Alive” album really attracted my attention, particularly the music videos for songs like “Bad Boy,” spiked my enthusiasm for what they were doing. I could see a true progression in their work, even the independent projects the members released like G-Dragon’s “Crooked” and “Coup d’etat.”

KpopStarz: What are your thoughts about their latest album, “MADE?”

Chris Nolan:  I think the way the strategy for releasing the singles was brilliant. Especially the frenzy of people waiting for each song to be released, as it approached the first of the month.

KpopStarz: What were your thoughts about the MADE tour? Which concerts did you attend?

Chris Nolan:  The depths of the tour, as they traveled through Asia, was striking. I was moved by the impact of the shows. I’m old enough to remember the Beatles and there was a similar kind of frenzy, at the time. But with Big Bang, their music isn’t all English-language releases.

I saw them in New Jersey [at the Prudential Center]. To me, they represent world music. They are linguistically and musically combining the sounds of the world, into something very interesting, complemented by high-level production values.

KpopStarz: Was this your first K-pop concert? Have you attended similar events?  

Chris Nolan:  I have been to other Korean events, but I haven’t attended a K-pop concert on the same scale. This was the first concert of a Korean act where I felt like the performers were really pushing the boundaries of the audience’s expectations. Big Bang provides a different perspective through their music like with T.O.P’s “DOOM DADA,” which critiques mass media.

Kpopstarz: What are your final thoughts about your interaction with Big Bang, through Instagram?

Chris Nolan:  I think it was a neat experience. I work within music production and I am also an architect. The music I work with focuses on the international market, which is why I am interested in acts like Big Bang. I know other people my age who are very dismissive of K-pop, there is a real cultural bias against other genres, but I have gained a lot through listening to Big Bang.

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