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K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Code Kunst Leads Hyukoh Singer Oh Hyuk And Dok2 Down A Different Musical Path On 'Parachute' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | October 22, 2015 06:34 PM EDT


K-Pop Beyond The Charts is a weekly review column highlighting Korea's modern day musical innovators who have yet to find mainstream success.

With a running time of nearly five minutes (including the trippy radio static intro and outro), South Korean musician and producer Code Kunst is clearly not aiming for mainstream pop stardom with his single "Parachute," released on Wednesday.

Though considering the two guest stars on the track, Hyukoh frontman Oh Hyuk and rapper Dok2 are arguably both pop stars with a knack for finding a good hook, the result is a sound lingering somewhere between dance and experimental music, a blend of rap, jazz, electro and R&B.

And though these genres seem to collide in popular music more and more with each passing season, there is still something fresh and seemingly of-this-current-moment about Kunst's new offering.

The spiritual overtones of frequent Kendrick Lamar collaborator and Hannibal Buress's house DJ Flying Lotus are present on "Parachute" as well as the chill-out sounds of French duo Air or remix masters Zero 7. But there is also the hard-edged modern soul of singers like Anthony Hamilton or Aloe Blacc. When Dok2 drops his 'tude-laced rhymes, "Parachute" starts to take on the feeling of an interlude in a West Coast rap record.

But in both the case of Dok and Hyuk, it's refreshing to see performers with such established personas not afraid to break away from what their audiences expect.

In Dok's case, he is not always given the best beats to work with in his dizzyingly consistent stream of collaborations and solo releases. But when he is given music as solid as "Parachute," he rarely disappoints.

Considering Hyukoh are the only Korean rock band competing with the top K-pop acts for chart and a presence on national radio, it is only logical for Hyuk to explore urban dance genres, following the formula that added new chapters to the careers of lead singers like Gwen Stefani or Damon Albarn.

Whatever it is Code Kunst did to get these two top-notch performers' to trust him enough to step out of their respective comfort zones, it is clear from the singular sound and feeling of the production on this cutting edge track, that he deserves their respect and our attention.

Listen to the single version of "Parachute" the new single from South Korean producer Code Kunst featuring rapper Dok2 and Hyukoh lead singer Oh Hyuk RIGHT HERE

Watch the music video for "Parachute" RIGHT HERE

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