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Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Lindsay Streisfeld Of New York Is A Longtime Fan Of U-KISS And Yoon Mi Rae

By Staff Writer | October 24, 2015 03:02 PM EDT


NAME: Lindsay Streisfeld

AGE: 20

HOME: Bayshore, New York

CURRENTLY: Works in a preschool while attending Queens College in New York City

INTRO TO K-POP: "I got into K-pop in late 2007. I had no idea about Korean music. At the time I was only into Chinese music. But since artists often collaborated or appeared together, I found out about a group called TVXQ and watched their videos and thought they were so great. My other first groups were SS501, 1TYM, Baby VOX, and Kara. [It's] sad how most of them are no longer around, but I still love their music to this day.

My earliest memory is going through all their videos and music and discovering this whole new world I never knew about. At the time I knew nothing about the Korean language but I could still understand their message and absorb what they were saying. Another memory was watching a video of Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong from JYJ/TVXQ in Paris singing their own silly version of a song and then Yoochun and Junsu arguing over how to pronounce "bonjour." I remember cracking up and then I fell in love with them."

THE DIFFERENCE: "As somebody who likes pop music from different countries, I can say that Korean pop music has an overall different aesthetic than that of its neighbors. Different groups have different concepts to appeal to a wider variety of audiences. Some groups have a more cute concept, while other groups may appear more mature and sexy. Korean pop groups will often promote in various countries, which not only helps out their popularity and fanbase, but also spreads awareness of their language and culture.

Musically, Korean pop is quite catchy. Not saying that other kinds of pop music aren't catchy, but with Korean pop it has music that will make you remember the song and dance moves that are (most of the time) easy to follow along to and that are memorable. I would describe it to someone as a combination of things that you have probably never experienced before that you will never be able to forget."

CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS: "Most people don't understand other cultures in general, let alone Korean pop music. Not that I am at all generalizing Americans or putting them in a negative light, but people can often times be racist and closed-minded. With this mindset, it is very hard for people to be open and understanding of things that are different and foreign.

This was extremely evident when 'Gangnam Style' rose to popularity. All of us fans were groaning every time it was played on the radio or someone mocked the dance moves. Most people didn't understand what the song was about, but because the music video was so unusual, people saw it as something that should be mocked. Not many people realize that Psy is a serious artist who has been around for many years. The language is the main problem to people, because since it is something they don't understand, they automatically do not like it. I do not think people should have this mindset, as it really closes people off from seeing what many great things the world has to offer."


WHY U-KISS: "I got into U-KISS on my 15th birthday when 'ManManHaNi' came out in 2009. Even though they don't have a strong Korean fanbase or presence, I love the members, their personalities, their music, and how they present themselves.

My favorite memory has to, of course, be when I was the U-KISS Super Fan [during a stop of their US tour in 2013]. Nothing can beat that awesome fan service. I also got to have my letter read by Eli, my favorite member, which was something that meant a lot to me. I got to live the dream that I never though I would live and I am grateful everyday for the opportunity."



WHY Yoon Mi Rae: "She is the one I would always recommend if someone was looking for Korean hip hop music. Not only is she amazingly talented, but she has the personality and spirit of a truly wonderful human being. She has been through so many struggles, but she never let it bring her down and she uses those to bring positivity to her life."

FAVORITE SONG: "Black Happiness"

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