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Review: Hip-Hop Crew ADV Keep It Simple And Slay On "SRS 2015" Featuring JJK, Lupi, Olltii, Seo Chul Gu, DJ Kendrickx [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | October 23, 2015 06:21 PM EDT


Have you ever noticed how many of rap's greatest beats of all time leave big spaces for the drums and the rhymes?

More and more digital layers of digital artifice are added to hip-hop as the genre reaches corners of the globe that DJ Kool Herc could never have imagined in his wildest fantasies as he launched a bona fide cultural revolution by putting a needle to a turntable some 40 years ago.

But the real power of what has arguably been the most influential musical genre of the 21st century so far is still when the DJ keeps it simple, with a beat as hot as a ghost chili that is driven by what is not there than by what is.

The members of the South Korean hip-hop crew ADV, or Angdreville Fellaz, clearly know their hip-hop history. On the single "SRS 2015," short for "Street Rep Shit 2015," crewmembers JJK, Lupi, Olltii and Seo Chul Gu team up to turn a blazingly simple beat by DJ Kendrickx into a beast. 

Kendrickx clearly understands the need to leave space for the rhymes and rhythms to have maximum impact. By applying this one simple rule he is able to recall the seminal New York City rap of the '90s while still sounding fresh and new.

Add to that mix four rappers who can hand off the mic in a seamless enough fashion to recall rap's greatest bands from Run DMC to Jurassic 5 and you have a recipe for a track that jumps out of the speaker and just might make you jump out of your chair.

Listen to the blistering new single "SRS 2015" or "Street Rep Shit 2015" from South Korean underground hip-hop crew ADV and featuring JJK, Lupi, Olltii, Seo Chul Gu and DJ Kendrick RIGHT HERE

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