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21 Percent Of Americans ‘Try To Avoid Halloween Completely’ Due To Pagan Elements, Poll Finds

By Sara Guaglione | October 26, 2015 06:18 PM EDT


For some, Halloween is a holiday to dress up in a fun costume and eat lots of candy but to others, it is an event to be avoided.

According to a new poll from LifeWay Research, 21 percent of Americans "try to avoid Halloween completely" due to pagan elements of the holiday.

Fourteen percent of respondents said that they "try to avoid the pagan elements."

An additional six percent said that they aren't sure.

Overall, that means that more than one-third of the country avoids certain elements of Halloween, The Blaze reports.

But the majority of Americans - 59 percent of respondents - said "it's all in good fun," in response to the poll question: "When you consider the pagan elements of Halloween, which is closer to your attitude?"

LifeWay Research found that 54 percent of Christians agreed that it is all in good fun, though 23 percent avoid Halloween altogether, with an additional 18 percent trying to avoid the pagan elements.

As reported, Halloween can be a complicated holiday even for kids and schools.

According to a report from, principal of Milford, Connecticut, Live Oaks School, Rosemarie Marzinotto, informed parents that no Halloween-themed activities would be allowed in the district's elementary schools this season. Instead, activities would be limited to having themes related to the fall season.

The district decided to call off its annual Halloween parade to avoid leaving out children who did not want to participate in costumes for religious, cultural, or monetary reasons.

The announcement and corresponding decisions led to outrage from many parents, eventually leading the district's superintendent, Elizabeth E. Feser, to reverse the decision. 

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