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Mashable Studios 'Urban Legends' Spices Up Halloween: Whatever Story You Choose, Horror Awaits

By Kristina Jacomina | October 28, 2015 11:12 PM EDT


Mashable Studios "Urban Legends" is a new collaboration project that will unearth local urban lore.

Halloween is just around the corner and it is the perfect time to give a little scare. While getting candy and dressing up in a creepy halloween costume is part of the the fun, getting to experience something scary is part of enjoying the whole tradition.

There may have been a number of different horror-thriller video games that have made their release just in time to give gamers a bit of a special Halloween scare, but Mashable Studios has decided to take it to the next level with their  "Urban Legends."

Mashable Studios' "Urban Legends" is a social video project collaboration with Eli Roth, as well as a few others, that had a timely launch on the days leading up to Hallow's Eve.

"Looking to channel 'spine-chilling local lore' it sees as prominent in its readers’ formative years, Mashable has released the first entry of a four-part Halloween series in partnership with Eli Roth’s Crypt TV," according to The Drum. " The following three episodes will be released throughout the week, ending Thursday 29 October."

This project isn't a small event as horror genre leaders like Eli Roth, Jack H. Harris, David Wellington and many more gave their input in order to make the project as scary as it could possibly be.

“October is a great time to tell scary stories and we were so excited to partner with Mashable to bring some of the best urban legends to life," said Roth in the article. "I think telling urban legends in this short format allowed us to inject some extra scare and intrigue to these stories and bring them to a digital audience in a unique manner."

The stories that were shared are a perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit. There are a number of different urban stories to read and check out. While some stories are easy to digest, other urban legends may hit a bit closer to home.

Those who are interested in knowing more about Mashable Studios "Urban Legends" can go to the Official Website and choose from their selection of urban legends. 

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