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San E To Leave JYP Entertainment On Good Terms

By Staff Reporter | April 30, 2013 02:27 PM EDT


Korean rapper San E has decided to leave his agency JYP Entertainment.

San E debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2010, but after nearly three years, has decided to continue his career elsewhere.

He explained via his fancafe, "I think I'm going to be ending my contract with JYP Entertainment soon. It's not that there's any bad news or anything like that. It's kin of long to tell the story from the beginning. Anyway, the conclusion is that I'm going to officially leave."

Both San E and a representative for JYP Entertainment agreed that the relationship has ended on good terms.

"His contract will be over during the week. We ended on good terms and had a lot of conversations with him," a statement from JYP Entertainment read. "For his music promotions, we've decided not to end his contract, but to cancel it."

San E told his fans to remain positive about the news, and confirmed that he will continue his music career, just in a new direction. "The most important thing is that there is absolutely no problem, and everyone is smiling. It's sad, but we're on good terms," he wrote on his fan website. "With that, it's not that I'm stopping my music, or that San E will become a different San E, so don't be sad and just be happy."

No word has been released about which agency San E will sign to next, but speculations have been made that the rapper is in search of a record label with more public clout in terms of marketing hip-hop.

Netizens, too, have voiced their support for the decision.  As one commenter aptly pointed out, "San E seriously has the skills to play on the same group as Supreme Team and Dynamic Duo, but JYP screwed him over. That's why hip-hop artists shouldn't join companies just because they're big and flashy."   

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