After School Jung Ah complains "the members only listen to Kahi, I feel like they ignore me'

After School Jung Ah made a complaint.

On the 16th broadcast of KBS 'Hello' After School's Jung Ah made her appearance to listen to the worries of the viewers.

On this day a team leader of a company complained that an eight-year younger employee looks down on him. According to him, the young member of the company is always lightly hitting him or ignoring what he asks her to do.

After School Jung Ah stated that she was able to relate to him because 'Kahi is the oldest and I am the next oldest in the group but everyone listens to Kahi but not me. I feel like sometimes they look down on me because I am careful not to say anything that would offend people. I understand how he feels".

Photo Credit: KBS Capture

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