'Dear Mom': A Peek Into Girls' Generation And Their Mothers

By Staff Reporter | May 12, 2013 02:39 AM EDT


Back in 2009, Girls' Generation released the song "Dear Mom" as a tribute to their mothers. The girls have always had a close relationship to their families, and despite their busy schedules, they manage to fit in mother-daughter time as much as possible.

A couple weeks ago Taeyeon posted a picture to her Instagram of her mother braiding her hair, adding the caption, "It's been a really really long time since mom last did my hair. Even though she is grown up now and has a career of her own, it was refreshing for fans to see Taeyeon's loving feelings for her mother trumping her star status.

The two spend as much quality time together as they can, and the picture is a testament to how close and loving their relationship really is.

SNSD's Sooyoung also likes hanging out with her mom and a few weeks ago some mother-daughter photos resurfaced online of the two sharing a meal together along with Sooyoung's sister.

Fans were touched by the happy family's appearance and commented on how much the idol resembles her beautiful mother.

Sooyoung's mom has also appeared on several talk shows over the years and has a knack for revealing details about her daughter's life for fans. During tapings she has said things like "My daughter has strange taste in men" and that her bedroom is a "garbage can." But like all critical mothers, she is also very proud of her daughter and also revealed that she believes Sooyoung is an "all around star."

Yuri's mom, too, is a good sport and has been a guest on several programs alongside her daughter. One particularly interesting example was from 2007 when she was filmed getting a laser skin treatment with the support of her daughter and fellow SNSD members Hyoyeon and Sunny.

Hyoyeon once said on the KBS 2 show Champagne that her mother is the one who took her to SM Entertainment for her audition. Although she admitted the real reason was so that she could get a chance to meet her favorite idol group at the time, H.O.T, with her mother's support, Hyoyeon was able to successfully complete her audition and became a trainee.

Member Seohyun is well-known for being a phenomenal pianist - and that is no surprise as her mother is a piano teacher and taught her daughter from a very young age. Back in the summer of 2009, Girls' Generation appeared on an episode of Kim Jungeun's Chocolate and as a special guest, Seohyun's mom joined the idols on stage.

When Seohyun and her mother warmly embraced one another, the scene caused Tiffany to break down in tears. Tiffany then spoke publicly for the first time about her own mother who passed away when she was only 11. "I thought of something that I want to say to my mom," she said. "Mom, you left this world before I have, but you gave me eight sisters. I want to thank my mom and God."

The confession turned into an emotional experience for all the members who undoubtedly got to thinking about their own mothers. The nine SNSD members are very lucky, as Tiffany pointed out, to have each other for support in the absence of their own moms during their various projects and promotions. And Seohyun's mother also admitted that because of Girls' Generation, she has gained eight additional daughters.

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