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2AM Seulong Collaborates With Swedish DJ Avicii

By Staff Reporter | May 13, 2013 02:12 AM EDT


As K-Pop continues to take the world by storm, collaborations with many famous international musicians are becoming increasingly common. The latest example comes from the European side of things with a new version of Swedish DJ Avicii's song "Levels" featuring vocals by 2AM's very own Seulong.

"Levels" was a major worldwide hit from Avicii and the song could be heard in clubs and seen on dance-pop charts across the globe in 2011.

Later that year American hip-hop artist Flo Rida was heavily influenced by the track for his song "Good Feeling," continuing the popularity of Avicii's original even more.

The first version of "Levels" samples from the great soul singer Etta James's 1962 "Something's Got a Hold on Me." For the newest version with 2AM's Seulong, James's vocals are replaced with an autotuned verse in Korean.

When "Levels with Seulong of 2AM" was first released last week, fans were eager to hear the newest version with their beloved idol, only later to be disappointed by the minimal amount of time his vocals were actually featured, only about 30 seconds of the entire three-minute long track.

But what fans must keep in mind is that Avicii is a DJ and remixer, not a songwriter. The song was not intended to be a new song, merely a Korean reworking of the original. Etta James's vocals are also minimally featured in the original release as the song is intended as a club jam.

Regardless, the new Korean version with Seulong is just as catchy as the version released two years ago, even though the autotune is a bit distracting.

Those who are familiar with 2AM and Seulong's ballad-belting vocals were initially caught off guard by his nearly unrecognizable voice, but again, keep in mind it is a club song, therefore the beat and danceability is more important than the sound of voice.

That being said, according to a spokesman for Universal Music Korea, Avicii's agency decided on Seulong for the Korean version "after monitoring various artists because they found his voice the most suitable and beautiful."

"Levels" is a great step forward for K-Pop, breaking new ground in Sweden and hopefully Seulong and his group 2AM will gain more recognition in the country as a result.

This is also not the first time Avicii has worked with a member of 2AM. Also a well-respected record producer, the Swedish DJ had a hand in Jo Kwon's solo album released last summer. Avicii produced the song "Animal" for the album.

Now having worked with two members of JYP Entertainment's popular ballad group, how long before the other two members (or their equally talented label-mates) get the same opportunity?

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