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Dara Uploads Pictures Spanning 7-Year Difference & Looked Like She Never Aged A Day!

By Eddwyn A. | March 15, 2017 06:06 AM EDT


2NE1's Dara uploaded her passport pictures on her official Instagram account. The picture spanned a seven-year difference yet Dara looked like she never aged.

On Tuesday, March 14, Dara uploaded two passport pictures of her that spanned 7 years apart. According to Koreaboo, people would say that the picture was taken in the same year.

The first photo Dara uploaded was her passport picture in 2010. She wore dark makeup and had her hair in a high bun.

The other picture she uploaded was from this year, 2017. She wore only a teeny bit of makeup (maybe even none) but still looked very blooming and beautiful!

Her followers even commented that she looked way younger in her 2017 photo compared to the 2010 one. This maybe because of: Her simple (or even no) make-up; Because of her daily beauty regimen; or her diet. Nobody knows. But what's sure is that Dara looked like she never aged a day.

In other news, Dara had actor Ji Soo as a guest on "Get It Beauty 2017's" March 12 episode. According to Soompi, Dara and Ji Soo had quite a romantic moment together during the episode.

As Dara was talking about the "heart-pounding skills" to capture a man's attention, she actually decided to do it to Ji Soo.

Dara called Ji Soo in a very sweet voice and he could not help but smile. "She's very lovely. Today is such a happy day for me," said Ji Soo during the episode. Dara you temptress!

Dara also shared the "hand cream skill" on Ji Soo. The "hand cream skill" is a way to escalate physical contact with someone a certain person is attracted in.

"The key point of the 'hand cream skill' is to get a lot of hand cream when you're applying it," explained MC Kim Sejeong. Dara and Ji Soo then acted out a sweet holding hands scenario that they romantically overwhelmed the studio crew and audience.

Catch Dara on OnStyle's "Get It Beauty" every Sunday. And as always, stay tuned here at KpopStarz for the latest K-pop news!

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