Top 4 Prettiest Boys in K-pop? 'Who's Your Fave?'

By Staff Reporter | May 23, 2013 02:38 PM EDT


K-pop is filled with boys that are prettier than the contestants in a Miss Korea pageant. By definition, a "pretty boy" is a male who has feminine, delicate features, and trust me when I say that K-pop is filled with men that possess the beauty of goddesses. The male idols who made our list today meet all the qualifications of being a pretty boy and today we're going to take a look at some of the fairest lookers of them all. 

JYJ's Jaejoong has to discussed before we can move on to anyone else on this list. If JaeJoong was a super hero, his power would be to hypnotize enemies with his beauty. He is undoubtedly the prettiest man in the entire history of Korean pop culture and there is no one that can hold a candle to this man's feminine anime prince like features. His sunken double eye-lids give him a sexy edge and the slight bulges under his eyeballs bring it all together. When he wears color contacts, it ups his features to an almost exotic level. His lips are perfectly plump with a shade of pink that make them irresistible to the ladies. He literally looks like he just walked out of a mango and came to life. JYJ's JaeJoong is the ultimate pretty boy!

SHINee's Taemin is our second pretty boy of the day. Born in 1993, Taemin is SHINee's youngest and prettiest member. For starters, his skin is flawless.  Whatever lotion and night-time skin regiment he's on, it's working and every single time he gets on a stage or dances his way on to our screens, he looks like he's glowing. The layers in his hair are always perfectly wavy and straightened to perfection. His eyes have perfect double eyelids that smile when he smiles and it's both endearing and adorable. But the ultimate money-making feature on this boy's face is his lips. He's got the smackers of a beautiful woman and it drives the girls wild. Taemin comes in right under JYJ's JaeJoong as the ultimate pretty boy! 

Kim Hyun Joong was always destined to be a solo star and a super duper pretty boy. Unlike Taemin and JaeJoong's looks, Hyun Joong's face could straddle the manly handsome look with the right haircut and outfit. He's got these gorgeous oval shaped eyes with quite a prominent nose. His row of perfectly white and straight teeth makes his smile that much more appealing to the female race and his heart-shaped face bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. 

I am convinced NU'EST's Ren is a woman, and I mean no malice by that statement. He literally looks like he could be a girlfriend of mine and this is exactly what Pledis Entertainment wants people to think, see and feel when they see their new diamond in the ruff, Ren. Those pouty puckers, the smokey-eye make up look, the gorgeous blonde locks, the perfectly shaped eyebrows, and feminine facial structure gives Ren an angle most artists can't pull off or even create. He's Pledis Entertainment's secret weapon and if they play their cards right, I can see Ren taking over Asia and the hearts of many women who love their boys dainty and feminine looking. 

Who is your favorite pretty boy and why? 

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