Is Korea's Nation's Little Sister, IU A Bride-To-Be Or Victim Of Malicious Rumors?

Is IU marrying Super Junior's Eunhyuk or is it just another one of the rumors that have plagued the career of the singer and star of "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin" and "Dream High."

The actress denies it. Her agency, LOEN Entertainment calls it "ridiculous fiction," but may not keep the rumors from potentially damaging her career, which has barely recovered from last year's scandal.

That last scandal began in November when the actress accidentally released a photo of herself and Eunhyuk that looked as if they were sitting on a bed. The actress said the two are merely good friends and they were sitting on a couch together. He had a cold and she was nursing him back to health.

It's not the first time that rumors and negative reactions have attacked IU. She has had mixed reactions from fans since she made her debut at age 15 when she released the single "MIA." The song did well but she got a lot of negative feedback about her live performances. Some of that negative feedback involved the audience insulting her by yelling "Hey, you pig!" and "Get off stage!"

When BEAST's Yoseob danced with her during a performance of her song, "Marshmallow," his fans flooded her home page with so many hate comments that the page shut down. With her successful single "Good Day" and her first acting role as Kim Pilsuk in "Dream High," her career finally took off. Things seemed to be looking up until the picture with Eunhyuk sparked rumors. Speculations spread so quickly that netizens even created an online café asking the singer to clarify the rumors. She lost a lot of endorsements.

In 2013, IU made her comeback with the drama "You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin" and was praised for her acting skills. But the success of that comeback did not last long.

This week rumors said she would marry Eunhyuk in October and that she might be expecting. LOEN Entertainment issued a statement to shoot down the rumors.

"First, we want to say how disappointed we are that something that is completely false without any proof can spread so quickly and easily."

 The company plans to report the rumor to the police and take action against the people who spread the rumors, as well as anyone who posts hate comments against IU.

 "We are going to take strong action against anyone creating and spreading rumors that cross the line."

Fellow members of Super Junior preferred to treat the rumors like a bad joke.

In a tweet to to Eunhyuk, Siwon said "Congratulations."

Kangin tweeted "Is today April Fools day?"

On his blog, Sungmin teased Eunhyuk about getting married before he did. Why couldn't he have told them in advance?

But the situation is not so funny for IU.

One netizen expressed her sympathy for what IU must be going through.

"I'm a girl and I feel bad for IU," she wrote. "For the men, it's something to laugh over and talk about 'coolly' but it's always the woman that get all the hate."

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