You Got A Handsome Face: Good-Looking Male K-pop Idols

There are three kinds of boys in K-pop: cute, pretty, and just plain handsome. There is no human being in Korean pop culture that is remotely even close to being unattractive-think about it. While most of the boys in K-pop are baby-faced little munchkins, there are some handsome lookers sprinkled amongst the pretty seeds and today we're going to take a look at some of these physically blessed folks.

2PM's Taecyeon is handsome. I'm personally not a huge fan of him as a performer, but when it comes down to his looks, this boy has got it going on. The slight double eyelids, his perfect almond eye shape, his chiseled jawline, and his sunken cheeks make for an extremely handsome face, and those thick eyebrows most definitely add on to the facial charm. When it comes to the looks department, 2PM's resident rapper definitely lucked out. 

Big Bang's T.O.P has got this mobster handsome look going on that is both striking and yet intimidating. Some may call him a pretty boy, but there's nothing about this talented rapper that is dainty or feminine. A strong shaped nose, thick eyebrows, cut jawline, the perfect amount of lip, and his slight, sexy brow furrow create for an extremely handsome face and T.O.P is most definitely someone that makes the girls go goo-goo-gah-gah. 

BEAST's Kikwang is a mixture of pretty, handsome, and hot. He's undoubtedly a looker in my eyes. He doesn't have the traditional features of a native Korean boy and almost has a mixed look to him which makes him a total babe. He's also one of the many K-pop male idols who rocks eyeliner like it's nobody's business. If he and I dated, we could be economical and share eyeliner-I guess it's a match made in heaven. Lee Ki Kwang, call me. 

I contemplated for hours if Super Junior's Siwon should be on this list. He straddles the pretty/handsome line intensely, but because of his ability to look both feminine and masculine at the same time, Choi Siwon has squeezed his way on to our list today. Siwon's round eyes and bold nose definitely make his look one to remember and rounds out our list of good-looking male idols.

Who's the most handsome of them all? 

Super Junior
Big Bang


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