Starbucks Smoking Ban Starts Today: Customers To Boycott Starbucks, First Chain To Say No To Smokers on Patio [VIDEO]

By Staff Writer | June 01, 2013 04:29 PM EDT


Starbucks' smoking ban begins today, as smokers are not allowed within 25 feet of the chain store. Several customers have shown their resistance to the Starbucks' ban on smoking by boycotting the store and its products.

Starbucks' smoking ban is the first no-smoking policy on patios for any chain store. While some groups such as American Nonsmokers' Rights have praised Starbucks' smoking ban as a first step towards protecting the rights of nonsmokers, many customers have decided to boycott the store.

According to Fox News, one Twitter user wrote, "I am now boycotting Starbucks!!! They have banned smoking within 25ft of their entrance!!"

One customer has also spoken to WPEC-TV, saying "I think it's ridiculous." Another woman also exclaimed her disapproval of Starbucks' smoking ban, saying "I love Starbucks but don't get me wrong, Starbucks is going to lose a lot of customers."

While customers have decided to boycott the store for its smoking ban, others have claimed that Starbucks made the decision with "good intentions."

Sean Cummings, who is running a hotel in New Orleans that has also adopted a similar smoking ban, shared his thoughts on the issue.

Cummings said, "I can't speak for Starbucks, but considering our own motivation and commitment to go smoke-free, it seems there are only good intentions when you take that type of action."

Although customers have expressed their intent to boycott, Starbucks has responded by saying, "We're pretty optimistic that people will be supportive and at the very least cooperative."

The store further said, "We are confident that we can resolve any concern amicably."

The Starbucks smoking ban applies to every Starbucks store in the United States and in Canada, and the no-smoking policy has taken effect today.

According to the executive director of American Nonsmokers' Rights, Cynthia Hallett, "Starbucks is the first chain to go smoke-free on its patios."

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