REVIEW: The Wonder Girls and The School Gyrls “The DJ Is Mine” Scores Big—AMAZING TRACK

There is no doubt that Americans have mixed feelings about kpop infiltrating US radio stations. Regardless of how anyone feels about kpop, “The DJ Is Mine” is an awesome track and music fans worldwide need to thank The Wonder Girls and The School Gyrls for creating this killer collaboration.

One doesn’t have to like kpop to love this track. These girls get it right with the fast beats and catchy lyrics. American pop stars haven’t put out anything this great in a while. The background house beats and dubstep bass pairs perfectly with these girls. The track wouldn’t be the same without The School Gyrls who add some edge to this tune.

What’s the moral of this story? Kpop isn’t just kpop anymore. Wonder Girls and School Gyrls—What’s next??

Wonder Girls


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