The start of J-Pop and K-Pop collabs? SUGA of BTS produces new song ‘You’ with Japanese sensation ØMI !

The start of J-Pop and K-Pop collabs? SUGA of BTS produces new song ‘You’ with Japanese sensation ØMI !
(Photo : The start of J-Pop and K-Pop collabs? SUGA of BTS produces new song ‘You’ with Japanese sensation ØMI ! )

The song has gained massive popularity with over 5 million views in its first week and ranked in at #1 on iTunes in over 42 countries worldwide. 

 'You' is a refreshing pop song about love and embracing all the ups and downs of life, and it was written for his fans. The song is part of ØMI's new digital single album ANSWER... SHINE, which includes songs 'Starlight' and 'You (Prod. SUGA of BTS)'.

Speaking during an Instagram live, ØMI shared that while creating the song, the lyrics weren't yet decided but SUGA used the word 'You' in the demo version, and they grew the concept from there. 

Check out the full music video here:


Could this be a new wave of J-Pop and K-Pop collaborations?

Buzz has been building since the announcement of a collaboration, prompting K-Pop fans and J-Pop fans to wonder about future possibilities.

In a recent interview with Japanese media outlet Real Sound, ØMI mentioned the balance made it a really great collaboration,

"Because it's made by Suga, it has a bit of a Kpop feel to it as well, and I'm singing it as a Japanese(person) so it is a song that strikes a perfect balance. So in that way it is interesting that you can't really tell which country the music is from, and it was refreshing to sing it" (translated from interview on this site)

We all know that SUGA is ultra-talented as a producer and lyricist. What do you think? What other J-Pop and K-Pop collabs do you want to see?

Listeners have described the new song 'You' as 'serene, beautiful' and others have praised both the production of SUGA and the singing from ØMI, calling it a 'masterpiece'. After the song's release, #MinPDIsBack, #ØMIxSUGA both trended on Twitter as ARMY drove up excitement around the song.

Here's some recent tweets from fans:

Tweet 1 


Tweet 2


Tweet 3


ØMI talks about the process of working with SUGA of BTS

Speaking about the song across social media, ØMI talked about the process of working with SUGA, describing how he was impressed with the talents and personality of SUGA, and how inspiring it was to work together:

"While I was working on ANSWER... SHINE, which describes the opposite side of ANSWER... SHADOW, I decided to make an offer to SUGA, a member of the world's biggest band BTS and being active as a music producer, to be in part of this work to do something special and he kindly accepted this offer.

By spending the time together through this work, I was impressed by his talent, personality, and it was inspiring for me to know how much he loves music, being a world no.1 artist on the other hand."

Here's the instagram post


ØMI grateful to SUGA and BTS ARMY

 After the song release, ØMI thanked his fans, SUGA and the BTS ARMY, sending heartfelt messages to many on social media:

"I again want to thank SUGA, and his wonderful supportive fans 'ARMY' all over the world with a lot of respect," I hope this song will be loved by many people."

ØMI's tweet:


Who is ØMI?

ØMI is also known as Hiroomi Tosaka. He's popular in Japan as both an actor and singer from the group J SOUL BROTHERS Ⅲ from EXILE TRIBE, which is managed by LDH JAPAN. He's starred in popular films such as 'HiGH & LOW' and 'Snow Flower'.

ØMI is his stage name for his solo projects, and his new digital single album ANSWER... SHINE is a follow-up to his first EP, ANSWER... SHADOW, which was released in May this year. 

The new song 'You' showcased his beautiful singing and style, we hope to see more releases from him soon!

Follow him on Instagram and his group SOUL BROTHERS Ⅲ from EXILE TRIBE for more on Youtube.

What do you think of the collab and song from both SUGA and ØMI? Comment below and stay tuned for more updates!



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