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Paparazzi Photos of Girl's Generation

By Jenny Yu | January 24, 2012 06:48 AM EST

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Paparazzi photos of Girl's Generation in the airplane were revealed without reserves.

Last week, Hong Kong's entertainment magazine called "Face Magazine" featured its cover story on Girl's Generation resting in an airplane. It was titled "Freewheeling Report."

The photos included Jessica who is sitting in the front seat lying down with her feet comfortably placed on the seat in front of her, Yu Na who has fallen asleep after she finished enjoying a snack, Hyo Yun who is chatting with a staff, Tae Yun who is using the cellphone and Sunny who is reading a book. 

There was a comment about the seating arrangements. "Each member picked a member who she is comfortable with."

A Netizen scanned the magazine pages and posted them on a community forum. In the magazine article, it was mentioned that the photos were taken in the business class of a Korean airplane, but it does not mention exactly when they were taken. 

Netizens commented, "There is no difference between an ordinary person and a star in an airplane" and "They are not going on vacation, they are going aboard to work, so they must be tired".  Another Netizen added, "They must be tired of getting so much exposure. They have no private space."

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