Chinese show, too similar to Running Man?

Not the first time that "Awesome Sunday" was accused of stealing themes from the Korean show

 Netizens have recently been buzzing about the discovery of a Chinese game show. The show  "Awesome Sunday" is suspiciously similar to the popular Korean SBS show  " Running Man".

On January 23rd a post that read "Running man of the Mainland" surfaced on an online message board. The photos reveal similarities in team uniforms ( Pink and light blue jump suits with Velcro on the backs where name tags once hung). 

The very first episode of Running Man which guest starred Lee Hyori and Hwang Jung Eum, is actually repeated in this photo of an "Awesome Sunday" episode.This is not the first time that this Chinese show was accused of copying off of Running Man's ideas.Netizens have responded with the following remarks

 “Anyone can notice the similarity”, “Did they copy? This is exactly like Running Man’s 1st episode”, and “I wonder if they can match the original’s quality”. 

Running Man
Lee Hyori
Hwang Jung Eum


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