Farrah Abraham Porn Transition; Plastic Surgery Overload As New Boob Job Sets Teen Mom Back $30,000[VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter | June 14, 2013 01:10 PM EDT


Farrah Abraham takes her $1.5 million paycheck from her sex tape and gets a boob job! The boob job will be Farrah Abraham's second plastic surgery since her sex tape, with four cosmetics procedures in total. The plastic surgery cost the single mom nearly $30,000 for a nose job, a chin implant and the two boob jobs, coughing up $7,145 for her newest boob job. Has the teen mom gone too far?

Farrah is clearly in love with herself telling Howard Stern she is turned on by her sex tape! Her new plastic surgery photos are in In Touch Magazine as Farrah struggles to keep herself relevant in the media. The plastic surgery photos show Farrah Abraham going under the knife, her huge fake boob job proudly redone while she is under anesthesia.

Farrah Abraham's newest plastic surgery took from breasts from a C-Cup To a D-Cup. The sex tape star opted for silicone implants, trading out her former saline

Farrah turned 22 on May 18, and got her surgery three days later - the FDA's minimum age for silicone breast implants is 22, Farrah Abraham is cashing in her sex tape money and not wasting any time waste any time!

When asked about her boob job Farrah tells Life & Style, "I don't think I've done too much surgery at a young age. If someone wants to walk around with bags under their eyes, that's fine. But personally, I want to look my best. And I'm looking amazing."

"I would not get boob implants that were porn-star status. I'm very realistic about keeping myself looking natural."

"No one who meets me thinks I've had plastic surgery. I don't look fake." LOL!

After making a sex tape that's been leaked online, Farrah is wasting no time putting her new $1.5 million towards her new porn star lifestyle.

Farrah Abraham's leaked sex tape sold for a reported $1.5 million to Vivid Entertainment. Really not sure why Farrah made 7 figures, considering anybody can watch the leaked tape on the net for free.

Porn king Steve Hirsch, had been interested in buying the dual "Teen Mom"/James Deen XXX porn from the beginning.

Hirsch added that the tape, which the company pursued as "vigorously as any sex tape we've ever pursued," is 70 minutes of "non-stop erotic action," and "Farrah is gorgeous, sexy and absolutely uninhibited." I personally disagree and think Farrah sounds like a bimbo and isn't sexy at all. 

If you've watched "Teen Mom" it's hard to get past looking at her as a mom to adorable 3-year-old-Sophia, and see her as a sex symbol. Well, more of a trashy whore as you can see in the video below.

As for Farrah, she is happy with the deal she made saying "This is a risk for me to take, however I feel comfortable having given the rights to Vivid, a company I know can handle the media and press surrounding my sexuality."

Farrah is so proud of her sexuality that she told Howard Stern that she masturbates to her own sex tape!

During her interview, Abraham also stood by her claim that her XXX-rated sex tape was originally filmed as a private "home video," but was then leaked.

But not everyone on Stern's staff believed her. "She's sitting here lying," JD Harmeyer argued. "It was a pre-meditated sex tape."

Abraham argued that she doesn't "try" to be famous, and JD fired back, "You're not everywhere trying to get your picture taken on the beach? You're everythig that is wrong with entertainment!"

"You're an angry individual," Abraham said. "You really need to go take care of yourself." 

Farrah is truning into exactly what she said she would'nt...a porn star. And where is Sophia? Have not seen her in a while. This teen mom needs to get her priorities in check.

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