Alyssa Milano Maxim Cover Reminds Us Of Other Sexy Moments In Her Career [Gifs]

By Staff Reporter | June 25, 2013 09:13 PM EDT


The former "Who's the Boss?" star, posed on the cover of the June/July issues of Maxim magazine bra-less with a flannel barely covering her breasts. But this isn't the only time Alyssa Milano has bared all.

The child star has appeared regularly in films and on television, but it's her awe-inspiring figure that has kept her male and female admirers rapt at attention.

Milano is starring in the new ABC dramedy, Misstresses, where the now-40-year-old former buxom babe is still making men drool despite the accumulating years.

But it's Milano's work on Charmed with 90210 alum, Shannon Doherty, where a lot of her hottest moments came from.

For example, who can remember mermaid Milano with those strategically placed pasties in deference to the PG audience?

The episode where Alyssa is continuously overheating heat up the entire group of people watching.

And one more of Alyssa trying to cool down at the bar for good measure:

Since Alyssa's character played a ghost, there were always a few bizarre incidents unexplainable except in a world with witchcraft. Like the time she was undressed by a ghost.

Sometimes it was as simple as Alyssa walking down the stairs to get our attention on Charmed.

But Alyssa also starred in a number of other roles that weren't on television. Like her seductive spot in Poison Ivy 2, or the many-times-downloaded Embrace of the Vampire.

Maybe you can name the film she was in where she's briefly shot stripping?

It's The Outer Limits, if you didn't know.

As sexy as Alyssa Milano has been over the course of her career, whether it's Embrace of the Vampire, Charmed or Poison Ivy, we'll always remember her as the little girl who sang "I Had a Dream."

Every heterosexual man in America has dreamed of Alyssa Milano.

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