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So Much For 'Family' - YG Entertainment Reveals Se7en's Contract Ended Months Ago

By Staff Reporter | July 03, 2013 10:04 AM EDT


In the wake of Se7en's recent massage parlor controversy, YG Entertainment has revealed the singer is no longer under contract with them.

Veteran Korean singer Se7en has been in the headlines a lot lately following a scandal involving a trip to a massage parlor while on duty in the Defense Media Agency unit of the South Korean military.

Many fans have been wondering why the singer's agency, YG Entertainment, has been quiet on the matter since news broke last week.

On July 2, the entertainment company revealed that Se7en's contract expired in April and that he is no longer under their control.

Additionally, the record label has said that the moment the singer entered the military as part of his mandatory service in March of this year, he was under the jurisdiction of the nation, and not his agency.

When asked about whether or not Se7en's contract would be renewed with YG after the completion of his service, a representative from the company responded, "We don't know," and offered no other information. The agency then dismissed all follow-up questions from media agencies regarding the matter.

YG Entertainment has also been making headlines in the last week or so with a whole line of much-anticipated comebacks in the near future as well as the upcoming debut of a new boy band.

Se7en has been a consistent figure in the company since initially signing with them ten years ago.

While his popularity has been slowly waning recently, Se7en still maintains a large fan base, even in light of his recent scandal.

The confirmation that the singer's contract has expired, and that it is uncertain whether or not he will be resigned following his military service could not come at a 'better' time.

YG can now avoid any negative involvement in Se7en's recent behavior and avoid negative press that may affect their scheduled comebacks and debuts for the second half of the year.

A good business move, perhaps - but what happened to 'Family'?

YG Entertainment has long been heralded as a close-knit group of artists who support each other and receive tremendous amounts of input and guidance from CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

Fans now are concerned what will become of their beloved idol following his stint in the military.

Antis and netizens, however, are praising the company for seemingly breaking ties with the singer after his involvement in the massage parlor scandal.

The mentality of the agency appears to be one of 'not our problem' and with well over a year left in his mandatory service, Se7en might be better off focusing on his duties and staying out of the media for a while.

The singer's fate following the completion of his military enlistment remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to find out whether or not he will be welcomed back in the YG Family with open arms, or left as a free-agent to make a musical comeback under another agency's guidance.

When he signed his most recently ended contract in April 2011, Se7en said it would only last two years in order to "set ablaze the last moment of youth with YG before entering the military."

Perhaps this will be a good opportunity for the singer to make a fresh start?

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