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Dal Shabet Faces Heat For 'Be Ambitious': Man Of Korea Drops Suit, Band Still Under Fire For Lyrics, Choreography

By Jesse Lent | July 12, 2013 03:42 PM EDT


Maybe they shouldn't have been so ambitious.

South Korean girl group Dal Shabet is facing blowback from just about every aspect of their new music video "Be Ambitious."

The lyrics, choreography even the portrayal of soldiers in the clip have all created problems for the group, according to the website allkpop.

But the six members of Dal Shabet have finally caught a break from the onslaught of controversy, that has included Seoul Broadcasting System banning the original lyrics to  "Be Ambitious" and the group's live dance moves to the song getting changed for being too sexy.

On Thursday, the male rights group Men Of Korea withdrew an injunction it had filed in Seoul Central District Court last month to ban the video for "Be Ambitious"

According to a representative from Dal Shabet's record label Happy Face Entertainment, the problem was resolved through an open discussion with the organization.

"Unlike the Man of Korea claim, there was no intention to depreciate the image of soldiers whatsoever," said the Happy Face Entertainment rep. 

"So we cleared up the misunderstanding through negotiation and peacefully came to an agreement. And we promised to perform at the military camp for the troops in early August."

The Happy face rep praised the organization's members and one of the members of the band for being willing to engage in an open dialog.

"We thank the representatives of Happy Face Entertainment who talked to us with an open mind and Dal Shabet's Woohee who humbly reached out to us."

In their original injunction suit, Man of Korea charged that the opening scene in the "Be Ambitious" video which shows the band members in the front row of a movie theater, cracking up while an army film plays on the screen, was disrespectful to the national armed services.

"The music video for 'Be Ambitious' contains scenes that depreciate the 600,000 soldiers that are working hard in their enlistment," the suit charged.

"In the beginning of the video, young women are sitting in a cool theater and they point and laugh at soldiers who are getting training. Their laughing at the men receiving training to protect the country depreciates the image of the soldiers."

Last week, a Happy Face spokesperson said the whole problem was one of interpretation.

"You can view the ['Be Ambitious' music video] in many different ways," the spokesperson said.

"We had none of the intention that Man of Korea has claimed. We're disappointed that it was interpreted in such a manner."

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