NU'EST Concludes Successful Concert In Singapore, 'Even the Haze Couldn't Stop Them'

NU'EST proves that even despite the hazy weather in Singapore, they can still show their fans how to have a good time. When it was announced that Singapore was a part of their NU'EST L.O.Λ.E Tour 2013, it had fans all excited as they were coming back in less than a year after their first mini-showcase in Singapore.
NU'EST, consisting of 5 members, JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren and Minhyun, was as cheerful as ever throughout the press conference which was held on the 22nd of June at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront. 

Q. This is your second visit but unfortunately the weather condition is not in your favour. Is there any places that you missed out last time and you want to go this time?

Unfortunately because of the weather, you have to hold back your plan.
Baekho: I want to see the Merlion.   

Q. Do you guys have a mask actually?

Aron: We actually do. Actually I got a few masks from a fan of mine. So I want to thank her for the masks.

Q: This is your second visit. Finally we will be expecting a full fledge showcase. What can the fans expect during the showcase?

Aron: As most of the fans know, we came out with our third album "여보세요" ("Hello"). So they can expect to see more different stages this time. And just the better of NU'EST I guess. We are practising a lot for the showcase so we hope the fans enjoy it.

Q: Are you all wearing a tie because of the new single?

Aron: Yes. If you guys know our NU'EST title song "여보세요" ("Hello"). There's like a little dance with a tie in it. So that's the reason why we are wearing a tie today. 

Q: Will there be any special performance during your showcase  this time?

JR: So yes we have prepared something special. We will be singing a song called "Sandy".

Aron: So well the song "Sandy" is originally in Korean. And it is the song for the fans. But we actually made English version of the song for the fans. So we hope you enjoy the English version.

Q. Will the fans be expecting more English songs or more English covers from NU'EST?

Aron: (Laugh) No no no. Just the Sandy song.

Q: Can each of the member share with us which artist or which group do you actually have the most influence from?

Minhyun: I admire Big Bang because of their powerful performances on stage.

Aron: I'm a big fan of Anthony Hamilton. He is R&B singer. I am a big fan of him. And definitely Chris Brown maybe because he is such a great entertainer.

JR: I am a fan of Eminem.

Ren: I like Lady Gaga

Baekho: I also admire Big Bang very much.

Q. Is there any particular artist or group in Korea that NU'EST actually wants to collaborate with or in plans to collaborate with?

JR: Because of our many respected seniors in Pledis, we would like to collaborate with Son Dam Bi and After School.

Q: What if there is one day that you guys can actually work with Lady Gaga..

Ren: I want to try collaborating with Lady Gaga using piano.

Q. (To Ren) Why do you choose piano?

Ren: I think that Lady Gaga plays the piano very well.

Q. From "Face", "Action" to "Hello", it's kind of like a mood change. Now it's more like a ballad song. So why is the change? And through the transitions, which member actually suits "Hello"?

JR: I think Minhyun suits "여보세요" very well.

Aron: And the reason why we change the colours so much is because we want to show our fans in more dynamic side. It's not just only about one kind of style. We want to show them we can be different styles. So I think that's the reason why we are changing ourselves a little bit.

Q. Any particular reason why Minhyun is the face for "Hello"?

Aron: I guess is his voice colour really fits well the song. I guess it's the style of the music he likes the most, so I think he really works hard on it and came out very well for him.

Q. Which member receives the most phone calls?

Aron: I think it's all the same because we don't really go out. So we usually get phone calls from our parents or family. So I think it's pretty much all the same, Because we all talk with our parents and stuffs everyday. So I think it's about the same updates.

Q. Should one day NU'EST will have a debut as a actor, how do you portray yourself as an actor?

Minhyun: I would like to try acting together with the rest of the members in a idol drama like "Boys Over Flowers". 

Aron: For me, I really thought about it a lot. And I would definitely like to be maybe in a romantic comedy. I think it will be fun. So try one of those roles. 

JR: I would be interested in action movies.

Ren: I want to express my action through my charming gaze.

Baekho: I would like acting as an action star too.

The emcee feels that Baekho looks like a fighter.

Q. (To Baekho) Have you been doing a lot of body building? 

Baekho: I really like exercising and sports.

Q. (To Baekho) Can we expect any six pack show during the showcase?

Baekho: (shyly) I have gained a little weight. 

Q. If you plan a special activity with the fans, what kind of activity would you like to engage with the fans?

Aron: We would definitely like to do activity that really involve the fans with us. Not just like a showcase where we are on the stage and they are in the crowd. But you know more like we can play games together. Things that really involve the fans so that's the kind of activity that we want to do.

Q. Since debut which member changes the most?

Baekho: I think that Aron has changed the most. Because before he was a little chubby. But he has become very handsome now.

Aron: Yes I'm not going to lie. When we debut, I did gain a little weight. But I lost it all now. So I would say I am good looking too. (To Baekho) Thank you!

Q. How does NU'EST see yourself in the next five years? What kind of achievement you are aiming for?

Baekho: We hope that NU'EST will become a very respected and well known international group as well as very famous Korean group in Korea.

Q. This is your second visit. Is there any memorable scene or event that you miss since your last visit?

Baekho:  What remains the most impressive is that Singapore seems very clean and it's a very nice place to live, although we haven't really seen outside yet. It's a kind of pity that we couldn't go out and see anything yet.

Aron: For me, personally I would say chilli crabs. I think they are really good so..

Emcee: You got to try them once again.

Aron: We actually last night ate for our dinner.. It's good.

Q. Does any one of the member do not know how to tie a tie?

Aron: I think except for me, all four don't know how to do it....

Q. Does Aron take care of how the other members look with the tie?

Aron: For these ties, we can just pin them at the back. But there has never been a situation when we really needed to wear ties.

Q. Most guys do not really know how to tie a tie because they are expecting their wife or girlfriend to tie for them. Is that the case for the other four members?

Baekho: I do not really like wearing a tie so I think it is fine.

The showcase which was held at the Kallang Theatre on the same day, was a night full of energy and excitement for the fans who was present. NU'EST proved why they were deemed as the "Rising Starz" as they dazzled the crowd with amazing performances and synchronized choreography, together enchanting the audience with their powerful vocals.

Not only that, they also interacted a lot with fans by playing games and having quizzes in the middle of their performances, showing how much they adore their fans and their awesome fan service towards them.

The moment the lights were dimmed, the fans screamed in delight and NU'EST opened their highly-awaited showcase with their debut track "Action".
They then had a brief Question and Answer segment where fans wrote all their questions and messages on POST IT note pad before the concert and sticked them onto the board for NU'EST to pick and reply. Although they can only pick a few questions to answer, it was evident through this, how much love they received from fans. There was even a note written in Thai!

After the short Q&A session, they proceed to a quiz show where questions about Singapore were asked. This session was to find out how well NU'EST knows about Singapore. The member who answers the most questions correctly will pick a fan and presents the fan a prize. It was apparent that NU'EST did their homework about Singapore as they answered the questions energetically, with a little help from the fans of course!

It was then time for a game, made especially for the fans. All the audience had to stand for this segment and 5 lucky fans who knew NU'EST best won a chance to go up the stage. These lucky fans joined the boys on stage for a photo and got to choose a present that was prepared by NU'EST themselves. The fans even cracked up several times as they get to know more about the boys.

The showcase was not all laughs and games as the boys returned ok stage after a short break with another cool performance of their hit song "Hello" followed by several other popular tracks like "I'm Sorry" and "Sandy". While NU'EST was singing Sandy (English Version), the fans waved along with their pink light sticks.
The fans are definitely treated with some amazing fan services by the boys as NU'EST jumped down the stage several times to have upclose interaction with fans. They also played on stage and sent lots of heart signs to the audience, showing their love to the fans.
NU'EST confessed that this was their first time performing Sandy in English and they thanked fans for supporting them. The English lyrics was written by a Singapore fan and showed their appreciation as they called out to the fan and thanked her. 
During the encore, instead of appearing from the stage, they give fans a bit of a surprise and delight as they appeared from the back, shaking hands with a few lucky fans. 

After watching a support video by the fans, NU'EST exclaimed their sincerest appreciation and requested fans to continue cheering and supporting them. They then rounded up their showcase with "Beautiful Solo" and even surprised fans by jumping down from the stage and shook hands with a few lucky fans in front before ending their 2 hours long energetic and full-of-life showcase. 

After the showcase, they proceeded to have a Hi Five Session with fans. 

NU'EST concluded their L.O.Λ.E Tour 2013 in Singapore with a fansign session on 23 June at Bugis+, attracting hundreds of fans.

Special thanks to JNation Entertainment for inviting to cover 2013 NU'EST L.O.Λ.E Tour In Singapore.

Writer: Sri Ayuni | Photo Credits: Leonard Lim and Ong Melin



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