JYJ's Continued Battle With Broadcast Networks, When Will They Perform On A Music Show?

Last month the Fair Trade Commission issued a sanction against SM Entertainment and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) for interfering with pop trio JYJ's promotional activities.

Since the three former members of TVXQ split from the label, they have had some difficulties promoting themselves freely in South Korea. Many suspected SM Entertainment was behind it all, applying pressure to the music distributers and broadcasters.

After looking into the matter for quite some time, the FTC ruled that both SM and the KFPCAI have been actively interfering with JYJ's activities and ordered them both to stop doing so immediately.

With the matter finally settled, it was assumed that the JYJ members would be free to make TV appearances and promote as normal on music shows and variety programs. However, there still appears to be something in their way.

Now it seems the major broadcast networks are the ones getting in the way of the group's progress, and they have offered very little explanation as to why.

In a report by OSEN, representatives from KBS, SBS, and MBC were asked why JYJ still has not been able to perform on their music shows.

Oddly enough, the network officials all requested to be anonymous when offering their vague responses.

According to KBS, it is not up to them, but rather JYJ has not shown an interest in appearing on their music program, Music Bank. "JYJ's reps have not contacted us yet about wanting to be on the show. We have nothing to tell you."

The rep further explained, "The influx of requests about their appearance on our music boards happens every time a new album is released.

An official from SBS chose to 'play dumb' and stated, "Are [JYJ] able to appear on public broadcast shows now? We'll look into the matter now."

Meanwhile, MBC merely has not 'gotten around to' the matter yet and also decided to pass blame off on the group's management.

"Our program will discuss the matter and bring JYJ on [Show! Music Core] if we feel that they are needed but there haven't been any discussions about it yet," said the anonymous source from the network.

"JYJ's reps have not let us know about wanting to be on the show. We will discuss the matter once they do so," he finished.

The matter has enraged may fans who hold that the music shows should be catering to the wishes of the viewers and not, as they seem to be doing, scheduling performers as a way to appease the major record companies.

The whole situation further reignites the ongoing debate about the fairness and relevance of the music programs in general.

With the same idols and agency represented week in and week out, many of the live music shows fail to represent the diversity in the Korean music industry.

For the time being, JYJ fans will just have to wait and see when the group will finally be able to make their long-overdue music program comeback stage.



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