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SS501's Kim Hyung Joon's Birthday Party Gathers 1000 Fans

By Staff Writer | August 08, 2013 08:55 AM EDT


SS501's Kim Hyung Joon's fans get together for his birthday party.

If one were to think of one word to describe SS501's Kim Hyung Joon, it would be 'friendly.' As the youngest member of the group, he is always bright and active, and is already coming to 8 years since his debut.

August 3 was a significant day for Kim Hyung Joon. It was not only his 27th birthday, but also the day he was reunited with his fans. His birthday party event, which was held at Seoul Sangmyung University Art Center, was the meeting place for his fan meet, and about 1000 fans gathered to help celebrate. Actor Park In Young, who is part of the same agency as Kim Hyung Joon, helped MC the event.

Among his fans are Korean, Japanese, and Chinese fans to name the regulars, and there were also fans Peru, South America. The hall quickly filled up, and fans holding green rods all shouted his name in unison.

Kim Hyung Joon and His Transformation

Kim Hyung Joon shared his own resolution in acting with his fans. Currently he plays the part of Mong Kyu in MBC's 'Gold Come Quickly,' and his past projects include 'Glowing She' and 'I Love Her.'

It's not easy to admit your weakness in front of so many fans. But on this day Kim Hyung Joon played some of his past scenes and laughed at himself, saying 'It's so bad! I'm so embarrassed!' He shared how people around him wanted to stop him from pursuing acting, and how the director and staff even disciplined him on set.

Lee Hyung Sun, the PD of 'Gold Come Quickly' said to Kim Hyung Joon, 'Although acting is stressful now and you constantly get in trouble, when you learn more and become successful as an actor, come use me as your PD.' In the beginning Kim Hyung Joon would always get in trouble and this PD would discipline him the most often and most harshly, but as Kim Hyung Joon strived harder to improve, this PD became a great supporter for Kim Hyung Joon. Kim Hyung Joon revealed that 'although my acting is still very lacking, the drama set has become a little more comfortable.'

As Kim Hyung Joon confessed these things on stage, his fans shouted words of encouragement, saying 'Take heart! You're so cute!' After he was presented with his birthday cake and all his fans sang him happy birthday, Kim Hyung Joon said, 'I've been preparing a special album for my fans this year, and I hope to win the rookie award for acting this year.' It's as if he gave a present while presenting his own wishes.

Kim Hyung Joon's Fans Weren't His Only Congratulators

After talking about his acting, Kim Hyung Joon invited his fans to come onstage and play games with him. After separating fans into Korean fans and fans from overseas, he picked ten fans. They then played various games such as lick your elbow, blow fifty pages of the dictionary, and fake cry in 30 seconds.

When normal fans meet the stars, they are often starstruck, filled with envy, or filled with affection. Some fans have a hard time saying even one word or looking the stars in the eyes. However, Kim Hyung Joon 's fans were different. Not only were they comfortable with him, they even shouted out suggestions and gave their own opinions. This means they feel close to Kim Hyung Joon and are comfortable with him.

That day, not only were his fans by his side, his fellow actors wished him a happy birthday via video message. 'Gold Come Quickly' stars Han Ji Hye, Choi Myung Gil, Baek Jin Hee, Park Suh Joon, Kim Ye Won and many others sent their congratulations by video, and SS501 member Park Jung Min had arranged with the fans to surprise Kim Hyung Joon in person.

While Kim Hyung Joon sang five songs for his fans, Park Jung Min stood with the fans and encouraged him from the sidelines, moving about and cheering him on. Kim Hyung Joon even released his new music video two weeks early on the spot. It was for the song 'Two of Us' filmed with Sunny Hill's Kota.

What was really amazing this day was Park In Young's MC skills. Park In Young is Lee Teuk's older sister, and has been active in starring in various dramas and performances, widening her experience as an actress. Although she isn't very well known to the public, she was knowledgeable and sensible in leading the day's events with the fans. Interesting to note is that she recently returned from a trip to Indonesia in which she volunteered to help people for nine days.

'Fans are like family now. I can't live without these valuable people.'

Although Kim Hyung Joon is keeping extremely busy not only with this acting but with his new song preparations, he spent many months preparing and practicing for this event. He wanted to show his fans his appreciation for the fans that he values so highly. He said of his fans that they are like his family, and that 'they had been with him for a long time now, sharing in both joys and sorrows.'

He said, 'I don't know if it's because I'm the youngest team member or because I'm a lively person, but the fans are very comfortable with me. I guess even if I try my best to be cool on stage, I seem like an older brother to them. Although my time with fans is precious to me, so is my time with fellow SS501 members. Even though we aren't together right now, we make time to meet one another. I used to have a simple curiosity towards acting before, and started because it was fun. But now it's become more serious for me. Drama has become more enjoyable, and I have a desire to become a better actor. I have to do well while opportunity presents itself! Please keep an eye out for me.'

Although the long-awaited fan meeting has ended, Kim Hyung Joon will be busier in the coming days. In November he will be touring three countries in South America and conducting fan meetings. In September he is planning to release a special album with re-mastered songs. Not to mention his acting career, which will no doubt be busy, as he takes on new acting projects as well.

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