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Mpire = Music + Vampire “Perfect on Stage” (Interview)

By Staff Reporter | August 20, 2013 07:45 AM EDT


M.Pire is the new up and coming boy group that stands out among rookies. They are relaxed and witty. They are so good that people have even commented, "On stage, they are perfect."

Mpire, which gets its name from a combination of the words "music" and "vampire," debuted on August 1. Their debut song "We Can't Be Friends" is a hip-hop based dance song. Its characteristic drum and bass give the song a strong beat, and the song is a message written to the girlfriend that treats her boyfriend like a toy.

"Since it's only between two weeks since our debut all of it still seems surreal. When our album was finished, we all gathered to listen to it and it was weird. Because our training period was long, despite being at the age where I shouldn't have to rely on my parents for money, I still asked them for allowance. I always felt bad about it, but this new accomplishment is very rewarding." (Taehee)

Mpire's name stands for the team's need to live off of music. Haru, Taehee, Useung, Red, Jerry, and T.O. make up the six attractive members of the group. They went through three years of hardcore training to build their skills, and it paid off. Their debut stage on Mnet's "M Countdown" was an emotional moment for the members.

"There was a mistake during the camera rehearsal. I was nervous about that, but compared to our rehearsal, our actual broadcast stage was much better. There were no big mistakes, and that was a relief. Not only that, the members showed off their skills on stage. There was a little bit of regret after the performance, but I'm glad there were no obvious mistakes or injuries on stage." (Haru)

Even after their debut, the days are long for Mpire members as they train from 10 in the morning until late at night. Because they spend 12 hour days practicing, the members do get exhausted, but their biggest worry is the uncertainty of their future.

"We were in a slump. We worried about whether we were being left behind by the other groups. Since this career is one in which the future is uncertain, our parents opposed our career choice. They didn't like it because it looked so difficult. That's why even as a child I went to school with the money I earned myself. Since this was something I desperately wanted to do, I was eager. I was originally into sports, but after seeing singers perform on stage, I thought to myself, 'This is what I want to do.'" (Jerry)

Mpire said it was unreal they saw their idol group members in the waiting room of music programs, and they were happy to see their elders in the music industry.

"I really respect BEAST. It was great seeing them. It was cool getting to greet them in the waiting room, and I even liked the fact that we got to perform on the same stage. (Laughter) The members of BEAST are humble, yet they are very talented. That's something I want to imitate." (T.O.)

Mpire will be busy for the rest of 2013 with their activities. They will be busy with their title song "We Can't Be Friends" and coming up with choreography for other new songs. When asked how long it will be before they're at the top of the music charts, they put on a blank expression at the unexpected question and wittingly answered "soon" with a smile.

"We plan to continually release new songs and keep active without resting. Rather than aim to be number 1 we will do our best to reach that spot. We're going to do our best. We're really grateful to the fans that come see us perform at music programs and cheer us on. We won't disappoint you, so please continue to look out for us. Just like vampires who need blood to survive, we will live off our fans' love and continue to show you a growing Mpire. (Laughter)" (Taehee)

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