Big Bang Seungri Opens Up About His Japanese Sex Scandal

On August 27 Big Bang member Seungri appeared on the SBS talk show Incarnation and opened up about some things that happened in the past.

The singer is currently working on promotions for his latest solo album Let's Talk About Love, but no matter how popular he is, he cannot seem to escape his scandalous past.

Seungri took his appearance on Incarnation as an opportunity to explain some of his more controversial actions, namely last year's Japanese sex scandal.

Last September, Japanese tabloid Friday published bed photos and an account from a woman who claimed to have had a one night stand with the K-Pop idol while he was residing in the country working on some solo projects.

On Tuesday Seungri openly addressed the situation saying, "I came on the show because I thought I should let the public know what happened during the scandal."

He explained, "It was the first time in history that an idol became the center of a scandal like that. The magazine I was published in is very famous - they don't even bother talking about anyone who is not famous."

Speaking earnestly, Seungri continued, "It was my first scandal and it was so big - I was scared and shocked."

When the news first broke, Seungri's name was tarnished - even his Big Bang group mates scolded him for his careless behavior and excluded him from activities for a while so he could have time for self-reflection.

Now it appears Seungri has been, for the most part, forgiven for the scandal and has taken on a new, more grown up image for his most recent album release.

The singer even admits that the sex scandal helped him grow up. "I think a lot of people started to think I was an adult because of that scandal," he said.

As for how the pictures and story came to be published in the first place, Seungri admitted, "To be honest, I was told about it being printed in the magazine a week beforehand. It's not printed on the internet, but printed in a factory. So I couldn't stop it even though I knew."

Just about a year later, Seungri appears to have learned a lot from last year's scandal and has kept his eyes focused on his career - and now has another successful mini-album to show for all his hard work.

Let's Talk About Love was released on August 19 and is his second solo EP.

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