YG's 'WIN' vs. 'Real Documentary: Big Bang' - A Comparative Analysis

YG Entertainment is creating the first boy band since Big Bang 8 years ago. The method is the same. It's a survival battle to determine the team that will debut as the Winner.

Mnet will air the show "Who Is Next: WIN" over 10 weeks. There are two teams, A and B. There is a lot of buzz around team A because of Lee Seung Hoon and Kang Seung Yoon, who already have a considerable fan base from their appearances in Kpop Star and Superstar K2, respectively. However, YG has decided that they won't simply release a band because of their current popularity. Also, Team A does not have the upper hand just because they are popular.

YG Entertainment released Big Bang in a similar way on MTV Korea. They aired "Real Documentary: Big Bang", and with the inclusion of Jang Hyun Seung, who is now with BEAST, 6 members trained their hardest to win the name of Big Bang.

The main difference between the two? Big Bang's documentary focused on each individual trainee's battle, whereas WIN is a team battle between only two groups. Another important difference is that the creation of Big Bang had entirely to do with Yang Hyun Suk's decision, but WIN is decided entirely by the viewers. Yang Hyun Suk is simply there to coach, manage, and guide the youngsters.

A glaring upgrade to YG's educational system is also a big difference between the two programs. YG's training program has evolved to teach beyond foreign language, dance, and vocals - they teach genre-specific dance and DJing, as well as acting. All avenues of education have become personalized so that each trainee is basically tutored to their own level and progress. Everything has become very systematized, which is a noticeable upgrade from the Big Bang documentary days.

Seungri, who endured the hard training to become a member of Big Bang, stated, "It's a very different environment than when I was chosen. When I was training with Big Bang, we were the only group in YG, but now there is Big Bang, 2NE1, and even international superstar PSY. The next group chosen in WIN must do their best to surpass our achievements and establish themselves as the next big YG group."

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