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G-Dragon's “Crooked” Flaunts His Versatility, Superb Lead In To Equally Phenomenal COUP D'ETAT Pt. 2

By Staff Reporter | September 05, 2013 09:18 AM EDT


Just three days ago G-Dragon gave us all the first helping of his latest solo album COUP D'ETAT, now we are back for seconds.

After showing off an extraordinary collection of songs earlier this week, G-Dragon has released the second half of his current project and it is hard not to be impressed.

(For a run-down of the album's first half, CLICK HERE)

The remaining songs from COUP D'ETAT take the atmosphere of the first half and run away with it in the perfect display of GD's versatility as a composer and as a performer.

"Crooked" was the perfect song to choose as the title track for the album's second half. It lightens the mood and it not only acts as a bridge between the two parts, but also stands as an anthem for 20-somethings who don't know what the heck they are doing with their lives.

"Crooked" exemplifies many trademark G-Dragon elements, like his unique rap rhythm and intonation, in a fresh new way and finishes strong.

The music video, like the song itself, is narrative and holds onto the viewer's interest.

In it, G-Dragon takes on the role of a guy who likes to party and it one sense seems cool and collected, but is really just a hot mess. Perhaps because it was filmed in England, the whole thing does rather resemble an episode of Skins.

Emo GD makes even something as mundane as walking down the street, or taking off a coat when he's pissed off, look cool.

But what "Crooked" really serves to do is act as a showcase for G-Dragon's incredible fashion sense. There are just as many outfits as there are scenes in the MV and equally as many hairstyles as we see him don looks inspired by club ravers, mod punks, and 50's greasers.

Not to mention the fact that GD is probably the only person on Earth who could pull off that spooky-face faux fur coat...

The rest of the album is equally as strong, with each track adding in a new element and fresh sound.

"Shake the World" follows a similar rap style and to the album's first couple tracks yet still manages to feel completely fresh with the addition of dance and techno elements. Additionally, the song is being used as the theme for YG Entertainment's currently airing WIN: Who's Next? boy band competition show.

"MichiGo" was released earlier this year as a digital single and its inclusion lightens the mood in a similar way as "Crayon" on G-Dragon's One of a Kind EP.

The G-Dragon-only version of "Niliria" is not nearly as energetic as the Missy Elliott collaboration seen up the tracklist a little ways - COUP D'ETAT's only underwhelming element.

The musical style of "Runaway" makes references to musical styles of the past with hints of 80's pop and rockabilly and the addition of horns with the rock guitar is an interesting yet groovy touch. With an exceptionally catchy hook, "Runaway" would undoubtedly be a blast to see performed live.

It sounds as if G-Dragon is channeling the late Michael Jackson in "I Love It" and the song has an air of Motown and also incorporates some funky rhythms and a continuation of the horns from "Runaway." The collaboration with Zion.T and Boys Noize gives the song added depth and dimension.

"You Do" is the album's outro and it completely mellows out after the whirlwind listening experience. Not particularly exceptional, the track does show off GD's singing abilities and low vocal register and in all, is a nice change of pace.

COUP D'ETAT will be physically released on September 13 and will contain two additional special tracks.

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