2NE1 CL And Jeremy Scott Photo Controversy Explained

CL and Jeremy Scott have been hanging out a lot during her visit to the US for NYC Fashion Week, but some of the pictures featuring the pair have spurred some controversy back home in Korea. 

Since the debut of 2NE1 in 2009, Jeremy Scott has had his hands in the mix as the fashion and style influence for leader CL and the rest of the gals.

For the past four years or so, it is not uncommon to spot the American designer out and about with the popular YG girl group.

It was no surprise then, that CL flew to New York City for the world famous Fashion Week where Jeremy Scott revealed his latest collection on September 11 at Milk Studios as part of the biannual event.

For the past several days pictures have been revealed by both CL and Jeremy Scott, as well as by others in their respective entourages, through Twitter and Instagram of the pair out partying and celebrating around New York City.

The photos likely did not come as any surprise or shock to American fans of both, but Korean netizens and media outlets have had a much different take on what they have seen.

Pictures of the scantily clad pop star sitting on the lap of the designer with his arms around her have been flagged as inappropriate and have aroused suspicions of the two being involved in a relationship.

Comments left on several Korean articles in Kuki News and Newsen reporting the photos have called CL "promiscuous" and "cheap-looking."

But, as many fans of 2NE1 have repeatedly pointed out, CL is much more open-minded than many Koreans because she lived abroad for a long time. Then there is the obvious defense that Jeremy Scott is gay.

It would be hard to find a woman (in America, at least) who has not at one point or another posed in similar ways with her gay best friend.

The two are not, nor have they ever been, in a relationship. They are close friends who are clearly very close with each other and are comfortable enough to show their affection. Looking at these pictures from an American perspective, it is hard to see what all the fuss is about.

Take CL's word for it. In an interview with Elle Magazine in March of this year titled Meet Jeremy Scott's Muse: K-Pop Star CL, she was asked to explain her relationship with the designer.

"He's my best friend. He's like my big brother. He looks out for me. We met each other when he saw the "Fire" video [2NE1's first single] and flew all the way to Korea to see me. It was actually for a photo shoot for Adidas. He didn't have to come but he did. You know when you meet someone and you can connect, that click, we had that."



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