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'WIN' Team B Members Present Impressive Resumes

By Staff Reporter | September 18, 2013 10:14 AM EDT


Survival battle program "WIN" pits two teams (Team A & B) of YG Entertainment's best male trainees against each other for the opportunity to debut as YG's next big group. The latest scoop about Team B's "other" trainees has fans buzzing.

While the three original members of Team B (B.I, Bobby, Kim Jin Hwan) have been training together for two to three years, the other three members of Team B, Koo Jun Hoe, Kim Dong Hyuk, and Song Yun Hyeong, are relatively new. Still, Team B is constantly lauded by Yang Hyun Suk for their excellent teamwork. The influence and guidance of the three original members cannot be ignored when it comes to the building of this teamwork, but it is equally impressive that the three new members can come into the group and meld into the group. So who are they really? Their resumes were recently revealed by YG, and it is impressive.

Koo Jun Hoe is one of the two youngest members of Team B. He's only 17 this year, but he is an excellent vocalist. He appeared in Kpop Star Season 1 as a dancer and a rapper, surviving until the 4th round with his group, Geukchan. He also appeared on SBS's Star King as a 13-year old Michael Jackson impersonator. In "WIN," Koo Jun Hoe is all grown up and is quickly becoming a favorite of the WIN fangirls. He's tall, handsome, and an excellent performer.

Kim Dong Hyuk is the other youngest member of Team B. He energizes Team B along with Bobby. He is also the "brains," being a former valedictorian.

Song Yun Hyeong originally wanted to become an actor, but he passed the YG entrance interview with flying colors at one go. He is the most quickly improving trainee in YG.

Although the four of them were not able to perform for the YG vs JYP battle, their fans are requesting the producers of win to release the performance video that was recorded before the battle.

"WIN" airs every Friday on Mnet and followed by a re-run on tvN.

International broadcasting will be available through Star TV cable channel V and CJ E&M cable channel M. It will also be available in China through Youku.

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